Thursday, January 24, 2008

good day, Maren belated birthday.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a good day around here. Carol came out to watch Lillie while I played golf. It was so cold that the course was just frozen tundra. Like one big cart path. The first 9 holes were crazy as 3-irons could go 300 yards. I hit a couple of shots that went about 70 yards farther than planned and into the group in front of guy was getting quite mad, but they were slow and without etiquette (does not make hitting into them correct, but the ice was not controllable)...we finally insisted on playing through them on hole 14. I think we were finished by the time they got to the 16 the hole. I played well considering the conditions, had fun anyway.

Carol and Lillie shopped for Maren. Maren got a belated birthday. No problem there, the more birthday party's the better. Carol also brought Maren her favorite dinner of all time. Chicken Devan? Lots of Chicken, cheese, and broccoli. After the adults ate the good food, we took the kids to McDonald's. Lillie and I went from there to dance class. The rest stayed for a bit longer, then came home. Preston showed off his guitar skills, Hansen his piano skills.

Hansen and Kole both have these Nerf Laser Tag sets. For a good 40 minutes after school, there were a bunch of kids having Nerf warfare in the culdesac. Mostly fun.

Today is Preschool for Lillie, Taekwondo for Hansen.

See you tomorrow.

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