Monday, January 07, 2008

cold, H-last party, Amy's has her baby.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

And a cold morning. There is plenty of snow on the ground, luckily for the kids and Maren it is not on the roads, but everything else is white...and our furnace for some reason just will not work. Looks like a call to the Sears folk AGAIN. Fire logs in the fire place and the gas fire place have gotten the house up to 62 degrees...toasty!

Yesterday was Hansen's last birthday party. He had a great time. The only person missing was Stef, because she was hanging out with Cousin Amy in the hospital. Amy finally had her baby last night. A little girl named Maggie. A big congrats to the whole family. We will hopefully get to meet Maggie in a day or two. Lillie will be going nutty. She said she just can't wait to be a big sister...we quickly corrected her...a cousin! Lillie just hopes that Hansen treats Maggie like a little cousin, not a little sister. Because in Lillie's opinion, Maggie does not need to be pushed around and annoyed by a big brother. Too bad for Maggie, I am confident her big brother Camden (5 years old) will have no problem pushing and annoying her for the next 10 years or so.

Today is Hansen's first ever piano lesson. He is very excited to learn to play the piano. Lillie has gymnastics, and Preston has a Guitar Hero day!

See you tomorrow.

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