Monday, January 14, 2008

Boy's overnight, Mel's house

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we went to Mel and Court's house to pick up the boys from their overnight with Stef. Hansen did very well for himself. He said he got Eight Lego/Bionicle things. He spent his $50.00 along with a bunch of Stef's money. Stef said they were in the store for just under an hour...the first time, they had to go back due to missing parts. Hansen was also able to buy himself a Mocha with his Starbuck's gift card. Preston was able to buy himself a Jamba Juice with his gift card. The boys had a great time.

Mel's house was a work party to get ready for the babies. I helped set up a hot water dispenser and tried to fix a glitch with the garage door opener. John helped with the garage stuff, but we did not fix anything, but we do know it is a spring thing and a specialist needs to be called. Corey stopped by to pick up some heavy furniture, and every one else spent time painting the nursery. After the food, when the painting was getting going, I took the kids home. I am sure the nursery looks good by now. Lillie helped paint, the boys played PS2.

Maren is flying this afternoon/evening. Her plane gets in at 9:30 pm and she should be home around 11:30pm, so the kids will not see her today. I think we can make one more day. It has actually been a fine time for us. The kids are getting old enough that they are just not too hard to take care of. We would much rather have Maren around, I am just saying that a few years ago, it was much more work when she was gone.

Today Hansen has piano lessons and Lillie has gymnastics. We will see how her foot is doing then decide on gymnastics.

See you tomorrow.

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