Friday, January 11, 2008

Blue Friday, referigator repair, surviving.

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Sounds like Maren had a good couple of flights and is now in Philly. By the time I woke up this morning (7:15...Preston got up first today) I am sure she had already been in meetings for hours.

We survived the first day no problem. The kitchen was a huge mess by the end of the day. I stayed up and cleaned it (still not that clean, but all the dishes are done and there is a clean area) during the Leno show.

Today is another Blue Friday around here. Supposed to show support for the Seahawks. It is great fun to have the Seahawks play well, but Blue Friday every Friday gets kind of old. With Seahawk Jerseys costing like $50-80 each, I think Blue Friday also becomes Lets Show Off How Much Extra Money You Have Friday. The kids do have a jersey or two we have bought from garage sales, but some folks really go all out. There are plenty of cars driving around with the 12th man flag and stuff. I suppose that is a little bit of a rant, but I will be cheering on the Seahawks to beat the Packers this weekend.

The refrigerator repair person is scheduled to install the new control box on the fridge today. It is the same one that has been replaced in the past. I hope I get a decent repair person this time who knows about the next step in the process of getting a refrigerator (maybe a different one) that works on its own.

Today is Hansen's first sparring class of this session. He is looking forward to that. After sparring, I may have to take the kids to Target to let them spend some of their money. I have kept them from the stores all week because of school and stuff, but I guess today is Friday.

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