Saturday, January 26, 2008

100th blog post, yesterday was a good day, power outages.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Today is my 100th post on this blog. I should win a prize! If you have read all 100 posts to date, you should win a prize! Hey Maren, what are the prizes? No answer. Sorry.

Yesterday turned out to be a fine day. Hansen slept until about 10:00 am after his triple bout with barf in the night. Preston was just fine and had a good day at school. Lillie was just fine and had a good day at preschool. Hansen was feeling 100% better by the time we took Lillie to school. I took him to Barnes & Noble to spend his gift card. Do you think he bought a book? No way. He found a Rubik's Snake just like Preston's Rubik's Snake...I guess Preston does not let Hansen touch his Rubik stuff. Now Hansen has his own. We also stopped for a quick trip to Costco. Made it out under budget, that is rare.

Last night the power went out three times. Lillie really does not like the power to go out. She does not enjoy a dark world one single bit. So, she was in our bed two times, and I was in her bed one time. Being up and out of bed multiple times in the night is not really the best way to get a good night sleep, but at least I was not cleaning puke, or supervising the cleaning of puke. Lillie could not understand why at 8:00am I did not really want to wake up.

Today was supposed to be Hansen's belt test today but his teacher, Master Kim, is so sick that the tests are postponed until next week. I guess Hansen has to be a green belt one more week.

Maren had a nice time at her boss's retirement party. She got home around 10:00pm. Long day for everyone. This morning is seems that everyone is feeling good and just hanging out.

Today we are just waiting for the forecasted Snow. There should be a few inches on the ground by the time you read this tomorrow. But what do the Seattle forecasters know?

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I should totally get a prize!!

Julian's Blog said...

yes, me too!