Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a morning

Well, I am very late with my blog because my computer is dead! I have given up on my computer for now and am using Maren's laptop. For some reason my computer has forgotten it knows how to hook to the Internet. The tech from Qwest said I need a new cable...I can't figure that is the problem, the cable is only a couple of years old, and worked perfectly yesterday. The computer just is not turning on correctly...I think it just forgot who it is. I guess I will have to hook up my old old one. Arg.

Just before I talked to the Qwest tech about my computer problems, I spent some time on the phone with the Qwest tech about changing phones. Yes, Preston's phone has still not turned up. He lost it a week ago. It has not been it is either right where he put it, or gone forever. Luckily for Preston I still had my old phone and had the phone number changed over, so now he has use of a phone again, it just does not have quite as many features or look as cool (he can still text). If his old phone turns up, it will become the back up phone.

The last few nights have gotten later and later for he kids as have the mornings. Bed time at 11:00 and wake time at 10:00 just will not work much longer. We may be back on the right track thanks to letting the kids sleep down stairs last night. They did stay up till about midnight, but they woke up closer to 8:30.

Lillie is watching her new favorite movie. Hairspray. She knows the words and the dances. Right now she is singing "welcome to the 60's". The boys are playing Nintendo. It is actually quite peaceful right now. Much better than this morning when Lillie and Hansen were putting their bedding back in their rooms (from sleeping downstairs) and Lillie was being a ghost. Hansen figured he would push the ghost down the stairs...I guess he forgot it was really Lillie, whatever! Lillie bumped down the stairs unharmed, both kids ended up busted, spending time in their rooms.

It is supposed to start snowing anytime and snow for a couple of inches. Then melt. Hard to believe looking out the window, but I guess it is starting to snow around the Puget Sound. Maren is still on vacation, all this snow talk just makes her very happy to not be commuting.

I guess I will work on my computer again in a few.

See you tomorrow.

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