Saturday, December 15, 2007

Volleyball, Taekwondo, Santa.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

I am definitely the first one up. Up at the usual time because Preston has his year end Volleyball tournament this morning. I will be waking him up in 10 minutes unless he wakes himself. After Volleyball Preston is off to a modern arcade of sorts called Noobs with a few of his friends. The kids enjoy the arcade...I call it an arcade, but really it is a place with PS3s, x-box 360s, Nintendo WIIs and games with up to 8 players. I guess it is like the game room that Paul Allen would have on his submarine...but you can rent it by the hour.

Last night Hansen had a make up Taekwondo Class due to missing the night before for the Nutcracker. Hansen was the highest ranking belt for the first half of class, he was very excited because the senior belt gets to start meditation and stuff like that. He has moved into the advanced classes fast enough that he was never senior belt in any lower classes.

After Taekwondo we packed up the kids and drove 0.9 miles to the Timberlane Community Center to see Santa. Not too busy, very nice Santa, and very good gifts for the kids. I had my camera and was able to take a couple of good pictures. It worked out perfect. Now we don't need to stand in a mall line for an hour for overpriced pictures. Yay. Lillie has asked every Santa she has seen as well as written Santa a letter asking for the exact same thing. A Polly Pocket Jet Pack. I think John and Carol are searching for one, so Lillie may be in luck, but I can't believe how she has stuck with just one thing all this time. The boys would never have done that at such a young age...or I just don't remember when the boys were that age, but she seems more determined then the boys ever were, or ever will be for that matter.

Got to go wake up Preston, see you tomorrow.

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