Sunday, December 16, 2007

Volleyball, Noobs, date change.

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was the Volleyball tournament for the Elementary schools. Grass Lake (team that Preston is on) struggled. They face the toughest team the first game and never recovered. They had a few close games toward the end, but never won a game. They have a history of being the best team in track, and not so good in Volleyball...go figure.

After the tournament, I brought Preston to Noobs, the arcade. I stuck around to watch the kids (three other friends of Prestons were there) play and to watch David's dad play a 'M' game I think was called Call Of Duty 4. The gamer is a soldier in WWII and has missions. Lots of killing, and when you get killed it is very harsh. Noobs has chairs with speakers and movements along with huge screen TVs in your face. I left after an hour longing for simpler car racing or golf games. Preston and his friends spent the time playing a 'T' game on the PS3 called War Hawks which was a shoot em up game as well, but not like Call of Duty. Noobs is a very cool place. They also have tons of computers for online gaming.

Yesterday Maren's sister Mel changed the date of her baby shower (she is pregnant with twins!) so Maren can attend. Maren would have not been able to make the original date as she will be in Philadelphia for an ALA conference the original weekend. That was very nice. Thanks Mel.

Last night we watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a cool movie.

This morning is Sunday School and Church. This afternoon is the Church's Sunday School Christmas Program.

See you Tomorrow.

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