Sunday, December 02, 2007

snow, Huskies

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday at 2:00 pm it started to snow. By 4:00 pm there was a couple of inches around. All the kids were out playing in the snow for a couple of hours. Not really sledding snow, but good snowman snow and snowball fight snow. Hansen and Kole make a snowman as tall as they are, I was on my way out to take a picture for them when Hansen decided he would hid behind the snowman and pelt me with snowballs...sadly for him, he just knocked down his snowman. Oh well, no picture. After shedding all the wet clothes and warming up in front of the fire and having dinner, it started snowing very hard. Sure it was 8:30 at night, but all the kids got dressed again and stayed outside and played for another hour. So it was back in to warm up and get dry at 9:30 pm. Well, it was good they got their time out in the snow because it is raining again and all the snow is just slush. The only thing I did not do is take the car out to do some good power slides. I guess it would look kind of silly to see an old guy in a minivan power sliding around the neighborhoods just for fun.

The Huskies almost beat an undefeated Hawaii last night. Hawaii had to come back from a 21 point deficit. Can't believe it was the same Husky team that lost to the Cougars last week. I told the kids we were going to watch the Huskies, and Lillie said "NO, Lets watch the Cougars"...looks like Stef and her Cougar cheering got through to her. I am only paying the kid's college if they are Huskies, so Stef, start saving you pennies for Lillie's college. I will be pointing her your way if she keeps this Cougar stuff going. Well, maybe not, but it sounds good.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Snow!! How exciting. That's one thing we won't be getting in Austin. Ice storms, wind, lightning, yes -- but no snow.