Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Good morning, it is Saturday.

I am up early for a Saturday during a vacation time. The Sears refrigerator repair man is scheduled to be here between 8:00 and 1:00. Lillie woke up exactly at 8:00, wondered if it was morning looking totally tired. Since she was a little under the weather yesterday, I had her go to the bathroom, then back to bed. She seemed just fine with that and is still in bed a half an hour later. It is just me, the computer, and the cats. I would not mention the cats, but Spiff is (as I type) puking all over the stairs. I would go after him and throw him outside, but I have learned over the years that all that would accomplish is that he would run into my bedroom and puke in there. I would rather have it on the stairs. I will clean it after my time on the computer...which will not be quite so pleasant knowing there is puke on the stairs. Maybe if I leave it for a few minutes, he will eat it back up. Gross, totally gross.

Where was I, oh yes, the refrigerator. It has now has its control box, temp sensor, and digital display replaced...and it is not working. My next guess is it needs the heater rope thing. The tech on his first visit said he tested it, and it worked. Learning over time his actual competency level, I would now guess that it is probably the only thing that has not worked since we got the fridge. I will be curious to see what tech we get, and what they say. Since it does not bother me too much to defrost the fridge myself every two weeks, this repair journey is kind of amusing.

Maren had a nice time with her parents at Kent Station yesterday. She found a couple of pairs of pants for her, she is now officially a Coldwater Creek girl, all her favorite clothes over the last couple of years have come from Coldwater Creek. John said that the store was filled with old people...Maren can be their youngest fan.

Maren and I went out for our Anniversary dinner. We went to a Chinese food place near SouthCenter mall. It was very good. We both really enjoy Chinese food, but don't ever bother bringing the kids out to Chinese food as the kids are (with the occasional exception of Preston who is getting a little more adventurous) only able to eat food that is not touching another food. When the green beans are touching each other, things get tenuous. Hansen will at times need his foods in separate containers and clean silverware for each item. It is good to know these tendencies going into a meal. I would not say we do strange serving practices to please the kids, but an extra bowl here or there can make or break any harmony a family meal may possess. Some times, just for fun, one can go to the dark side and let the food touch just a little bit...just enough, and whammo! Crying and yelling at dinner time! Just a tip for those new parents on the way. To really get a good bang for your buck in this department, serve food that touches (or worse, is mixed together...shudder) on the day that your middle son (sorry if the middle son thing implies Hansen) has helped choose what flavor ice cream we should buy for desert! Fun times. Anyhow, dinner with Maren was a fun time. John and Carol are probably sleeping in after a long busy day yesterday. Thanks.

Tonight is the big game...the Patriots. I hope they win. Plenty of other people in the world hope they don't.

See you tomorrow.

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