Monday, December 24, 2007

P lost tooth, Christmas lights, plans

Good Morning, it is Christmas Eve.

What should I start with???

Yesterday Preston lost a tooth. A molar on the lower right side. He said he ate some Popcorn, was pushing his tooth with his tongue, and next thing he knows, his tooth popped out. Weird. Preston is feeling all better from yesterday. I guess he just needed some sleep.

Last night we did our annual drive around the Lake Wilderness neighborhood with all the Christmas Lights. Once again they did a very nice job. There were plenty of other folks driving slowly with only there parking lights on. Afterward we went and bought some Ice Cream. There is a nice house for sale on the 10th fairway of the golf course for sale for cheaper than I thought it would be. I made Preston a little nervous talking about wanting to buy it.

Lillie woke up very early this morning all excited about going to Nana's house and opening presents. We will go to John and Carol's house today for dinner and presents. Then we will do Christmas morning and day at our house and anyone who wants to come over is welcome. Tonight we will eat a traditional dinner of Swedish Meatballs and Lefse. YUM! Tomorrow we will have Ham. Tomorrow we will watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story. One of the channels plays A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight. If you don't all ready love the movie, you will after 24 hours of straight viewing!

Have a great Christmas.

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Amber said...

TBS really does play a Christmas Story all day long! I just watched once, but once was enough for me today.

Merry Christmas :P