Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lost Tooth, band concert.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday it happened...Lillie lost her first tooth! She was very excited. I helped her out a little bit. The tooth was just dangeling in her mouth. If you ask her about it, she will tell you "just a little tug." She drew a picture of the Tooth Fairy on the envelope to put under her pillow. She is not awake yet, but I do know the Tooth Fairy did show up and trade her tooth for a dollar. I am sure she will be excited when she wakes up. She is not even five until March, but she is very tall and growing fast, it does seem kind of early for a first tooth to fall out, but I guess it is getting earlier and earlier for kids these days. The boys did not lose their first tooth until a few weeks from turning Six.

Lillie is quite good at manipulating any situation. Yesterday I put her on the phone to tell Maren about her tooth. After talking on the phone for a minute, she said to her mom "Dad wants to talk to you now." (I had not said that) , then as she was handing me the phone, she told me "Mom wants to talk to you now". Maren was laughing at Lillie's skill of getting off the phone. It is kind of scary her ability to make this stuff up, but I guess it is better than just telling her mom she is tired of talking to her! I will try to keep this story alive in the back of my mind when she is a teenager.

Preston performed very well at his School's band/orchestra concert. He was the first band member to have to stand up and introduce a song for the audience. Grass Lake has a good size band and orchestra, and they sounded very nice. John and Carol came out to see the performance and then to take the kids and I out to McDonalds for and early dinner and ice cream. That was very nice. Who knew the happy meal toys were Strawberry Shortcake and Bionicles...could you have planned that any better for our kids? I hear that with the massive construction projects resulting from the flooding, as well as the weather, time and holidays, a drive home from our house that normally takes about 45 minutes, stretched all the way to two hours. Ouch.

Today is Gymnastics for Preston and dance class for Lillie. Today is also the last day of school for the boys until next year. School resumes on Hansen's birthday. How is that for a birthday present...Happy Birthday, wake up early and go back to school, vacation is over!

See you tomorrow.

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