Friday, December 14, 2007

Lillie at the Mall, The Nutcracker @ Grass Lake

Good Morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a fun day. During the day I took Lillie to South center mall for a little shopping. She had a great time looking at all the decorations at the mall. She especially likes mannequins and their fancy clothes. We went into a few stores and she would show me all the clothes she would buy and all the clothes she already has. She is a little fashion expert. She was showing me a skirt at the Children's Place that she already has, how it comes with a jacket that she wished she had. How it comes in different colors, but she likes the pink the best because pink is the best color and on and on and on...until I decided it was time to go. We ended up buying Maren her Christmas present, and Lillie talked my into buying some Christmas flavored lotions for her and Maren. I actually would not take her to the Macy's place where they spray smelly stuff on you. She wanted to go there and would have spent as much time as given getting sprayed with test smells. Maybe Maren will take her there some day. Today I will take her to the motorcycle store just to get even...just joking, but maybe the golf store. At the Mall, Lillie got to see Santa. Since the boys were not with us, we were not going to get pictures taken, but Lillie had the chance to say "hi" to Santa, but she did not want to. Of course when a Santa came out at the dinner theater, Lillie ran over to him as fast as she could...I think she was the first to say "hi" and she came from half the gym away.

Last night we went to the Nutcracker Dinner Theatre at the Grass Lake Gymnasium. There was a catered spaghetti dinner followed by a local ballet schools rendition of the Nutcracker. The performance was like 50 minutes long and mainly covered the dancing toys in Clara's dream. It was a nice performance...well worth the $7.50 tickets. Lillie had a very good time. She ate her dinner with her old friend Lily Rose Rudolph. Preston ate with Lily's brother Garret. Lillie really enjoyed the ballet. The only bummer thing was how freaking cold it was in the gym. It was kind of hard to relax, I don't think the kids noticed too much, just the adults were freezing. This was a good size performance to go to. They had all the Nutcracker music, and some good ballet. The boys did not behave very well and have no business going to the big performances of the Nutcracker, but Lillie would do just fine. Maybe next year. I think it is good for Lillie to see these small performances first...for one, she is almost a good enough dancer to be a little mouse herself and these were just kids like her (a few years older) doing this performance, and secondly, when she goes to the real Nutcracker in a couple of years, she will really understand how amazing it really is...

Today is Hansen's make up Taekwondo class. Preston has his last Volleyball practice.

See you tomorrow.

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