Thursday, December 20, 2007

kids on vacation.

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Today is the first day of Winter Vacation...for the kids. Two more days until Maren gets some time off, that is why we are up so early. Next week, I will not be blogging until 8:00 am. The boys each had nice parties in their classrooms yesterday and are totally ready for vacation to begin.

Today I will bring the kids shopping at the dollar store so they can spend their own money buying gifts for other people. We will see how that goes. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing...I am quite optimistic, I hope they will enjoy shopping for others for a change (I suspect Hansen will only enjoy shopping for others if he can also buy for himself). Besides, I don't really want to be totally fed up with the kids after only one day of vacation!

I may go back to bed after Maren leaves for work in 15 minutes. Either that or watch the Golf Channel. Lets just say I will watch the golf channel. I should have a whole hour before Lillie gets up, and a couple of hours before the boys roll out of bed.

See you tomorrow.

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