Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jade Green Christmas party.

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night was the Christmas party/ dinner at Jade Green Golf Course. It was nice to have an invite since I really don't teach that much. There was a good turn out, probably 50+ people. We were the only ones with kids, but I did make sure they were invited. Most of the people at the party either are kids (19 year olds who work there) or are Seniors (the marshals and such) so we really are in the middle of the age bracket. The others in our age bracket just don't have kids.

Dinner was catered by Rooters BBQ in Maple Valley. Owned and operated by Verl Potts who I have known for years from my old Elk Run days, but never knew until last night that he was Kurt Cobain's godparent (a trivia question). Dinner was excellent. Most of the older folks around us felt bad for our kids as they did not eat any of the bbq ribs, bbq steak, or other absolutely yummy stuff. I don't know at what age kids decide to enjoy good food, but our kids are not there yet. Lillie ate butter with a little of a bread roll. Hansen ate a bread roll with a little bit of salad, and Preston had a regular looking dinner. Each kid topped their food off with pop. I guess the age of good food is somewhere around eleven. I ate a ton of great food and I know Maren enjoyed her dinner as well.

Steve Dubsky was there and had a trivia quiz for everyone to participate in. Out of 27 questions I got 10 correct, which was pretty good. The winner got I think 14 right. Lots of silly questions like What is Jake Locker's number. People were giving phone numbers, locker numbers, but Steve was talking about the QB for the UW Huskies #10. How many greens at Jade Green, that type of question. It was a enjoyable evening...for me, the kids tolerated well.

Today we have dance class for Lillie and gymnastics for Preston. Hansen has a ton of homework. Well, it seems like a ton of homework when he is doing it, it would only take Preston like 10 minutes....Hansen can turn that amount of work into an hour. No surprise really, his room get messier when he is left alone to clean it.

John is coming out today to hang out with Lillie and I will get to go golfing before the kids get home from school. Yea for me, hope to play well.

See you tomorrow.

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