Monday, December 17, 2007

in the car, loose tooth, ready to read?

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a great day...if we could have transported everywhere. We only went to Church, Sunday School (same trip), and in the afternoon the Church Christmas Pageant (the Pageant was great, Zion Lutheran Church is a good place to be). Yes, only two outings, both to the same place, both very fun...unfortunately for both, we had to drive in the van. Why is this so troubling you ask? Well, the dynamics of the kids yesterday led to a few very unpleasant drives for the adults. I did not think of the old standby, "Do you want me to stop the car? Do You?!?" They would have said yes, and thought it was funny. Hansen is in the third row making some crazy hum/buzz noise. In response Lillie and Preston start to sing the alphabet song as loud as possible as that always gets Hansen in a funk. So basically it is an annoy everyone fest. When told to be quiet, they just started leaning into each other and throwing stuff at each other. Of course, I remember doing all the same things as a kid and thinking it was great...but now I am not the kid, and yesterday it was pushing me and Maren to the edge. The radio does not go loud enough to drown out the goofiness. Finally, the kids were sitting on their hands, looking forward to cleaning their rooms. Luckily the trips were only Four miles each way.

Lillie has her first loose tooth! She is very excited. She was worried at first, but now is very excited. She has been told all kinds of stories about the tooth fairy, teeth being lost, teeth being pulled out by strings tied to doors, and Preston's latest tooth that came out when flossing...he did not even know it was loose and it popped out of his mouth and flew across the room! That was cool. So Lillie is ready. She seems to think the Tooth Fairy will bring her $100.00 dollars. Maybe 100 pennies cleverly disguised as a one dollar bill. Last night it was almost loose enough for me to pull out. My guess it tonight or tomorrow Lillie will be a tooth poor and a dollar rich.

One of Maren's old co-workers, Susan, was telling me a few years ago that there are a few old ways you can tell if a child is ready to learn to read. One is when they first loose a tooth, the other is when (and you need to visualize this) you can hold one arm straight up in the air, wrap it over the top of your head, and touch your ear. This is easy for an adult, but little kids just don't have long enough arms for their largish heads. According to these accounts, Lillie is ready to read...and she is not even 5 until March! We read to her plenty but never push her to read anything. She is starting to write on her own, and can remember how to write words and names when she wants to. I hope we don't hold her back too much!

Tonight we have no activities...yay. Preston (and I) fed the neighbor cat and took care of the litter for a week, so with the earnings, we will eat well tonight. Pizza Hut Pizza! It was Preston's idea...he could have just kept the $$$. Sometimes he does nice things for the family, when we are not ruining his life.

See you tomorrow.

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