Thursday, December 06, 2007

I-5, activities

Good Morning it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a good day. John and Carol came out and watched Lillie while I went golfing. I played well. The golf course was not too wet. But we are not near Chehalis. Chehalis (2 hours south of Covington) is still flooded. I guess there were Levies built in order to build the Walmart and such stores in the low lands. Well, once flooded, the water is not really going back. Everything is still flooded and they are pumping the water out...then they will have to re pave a 1/4 mile are of I-5? Maybe the freeway will re open on Saturday. I am sure they will figure it out. My friend Mike works for a Trucking Company and he was even quoted in the Seattle Times about how closing I-5 is hurting the trucking industry.

Lillie's dance class brought the parents into the studio to see a dance the kids were working on. They did a very good job. Lillie does have flair. Preston is excited about gymnastics these days as he is now able to do a forward hand spring. Hansen is very good at math and math homework, but spelling...not so good. I almost wonder if Hansen does poorly on his first spelling test just so he will not have to do the assigned bonus words. Hmm.

Today Hansen has Taekwondo. Lillie has Preschool.

See you Tomorrow.

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