Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Had a nice Christmas.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Hope you had a nice Christmas. We did. Christmas morning started at a decent hour, about 8:00 is when Hansen woke up and in turn woke up his sibs to go downstairs and check out what Santa brought. Santa did not disappoint, which is amazing considering how well the kids did the night before on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve at the Ostergards was very nice. Lillie did a very fancy fashion show complete with multiple change of clothing and a lot of flair on the runway which weaved through the piles of wrapping paper all over the floor. Preston was showing off his Guitar Hero skills. Stef brought her x-box 360 and had Guitar Hero and Lego Starwars. Preston was totally rocking on the hardest level, while Courtney, Stef and I were just scraping by on the easier levels. The talent gap seems to be about as wide as the age gap...Preston has the talent, the rest of us have the age. Hansen was able to complete a Bionicle project with like 300 pieces before it was time to leave.

Today will be spent making room in the kids rooms for their new toys. Hansen has a number of big Lego/Bionicle projects to work on. He has already finished a few of his new creations. Lillie is enjoying her new clothes as well as her new toys which range from the Polly Pockets Jet runway to Bratz dolls and mermaids. Preston has been busy on the video game front. He got quite a few great games, and if any were missed, he has gift cards as well. Maren and I have been lounging away. We have watched all the timeless movies like A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful life, The Grinch, and Elf. The kids really like the newish cartoon, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.

It did snow for a Couple of hours yesterday, so we did get a white Christmas. According to Maren, since it did not snow for at least 2 inches, it does not count in the record books, but we did see snow falling from the sky and collect on the that counts. I doubt I will go golfing today as the forecast for the next week is snow and rain. If it is not snowing or raining, it will be cold and yucky.

Preston has got his day planned. A trip to Game Stop, a stop at Jamba Juice, and friends over to play video games. Hansen will spend the day building his Lego Airport. Lillie will go back and forth between toys, art supplies and fashion shows. I am sure the kids will all spend some time in the culdesac with friends. I will try to download all the pictures from my camera taken over the last couple of weeks. Maren will be working on another day of relaxing. In another day or two we will get to putting away all the Christmas stuff and getting ready for the New Year.

See you tomorrow.

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