Sunday, December 30, 2007

fridge, emissions, Pats

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Since I have the laptop computer on my lap, Lillie is climbing on Preston. I may have to surf for awhile longer!

Yesterday we had a refrigerator repairman come out. This was a new guy to me. He was very thorough with his exam of the fridge, but came to the same conclusion. He thinks the main board is faulty. I think out of 3 main boards this fridge has gotten from repair folk, maybe the main board is not really the problem? Maybe we just have a lemon? He is ordering a new main board, why stop the experts?

I tried to bring Maren's car to get its emissions tested. The emissions place closed at 1:00 pm. I drove up at 1:02 you think they would let me get in line? No, no they did not. So I guess I will try on Monday. Some other guy showed up just after me and went into a little road rage with the workers, driving into the line, not worrying about the orange cones between him and the end of the line. Do you think he really got his car tested? Yeah, me neither.

Last night's Patriot's game was very good. Maren was rooting for the Giants, I was rooting for the Patriots. Did not look good for the Pats for awhile, but in the end, they pulled it together.

See you tomorrow.

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