Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First night of Chanukah, volleyball and activities.

Last night was the first night of Chanukah. My Grandparents on my mother's side are Jewish and have always hoped that we would raise our children (and ourselves) with the knowledge and understanding of Judaism. My Grandpa sent us a nice Menorah, and last night as Jewish people all over the world did, we lit the first candle and recited the blessings. We will continue to do so for the next seven days. We are raising our kids as Lutherans which was how Maren and generations before her were raised. I was raised a Baptist (I attended my childhood church when visiting my parents in FL last month) but now am a Lutheran as well. I think it is good to give the children plenty of information about the world we live in, and knowledge of different religions, and how they have been part of our own family is important.

Yesterday Preston's school team won all its Volleyball matches. I should say that Preston's team (red) won all its games. The blue team lost one, and the girls struggled. Grass Lake seems to have more kids than other schools in the league. Grass Lake has the same as many girls playing as other schools (two team) but other schools that they have played against have only had one boys team as Grass lake has two. Preston also started on the Math team yesterday.

Hansen is very excited because yesterday we found out that our neighbor who taught Preston Piano a few years ago will also be available to give him lessons starting in January. Hansen is very excited because in January he gets to start piano lessons as well as a second class of Taekwondo Sparring. Hansen will now be hands down the kid with the most expensive extras. Preston may have one or two more activities, but many are through the school, which saves a lot of $$$.

Last night Maren said she ran out of hand outs for her class for the first time ever. She was told there would be like 20 people, and there were in excess of 50! Lots of parents learning the importance of early literacy skills. Interesting topic came up in her class last night. It has been known that a child ability to hold a beat in music will have a direct correlation in their ability to read. A student in Maren's class was telling her how a co-worker who is a music teacher could come into the regular classroom and point out to the teacher who would be good readers and who would struggle with reading based totally on their ability in music class...with near 100% accuracy. Amazing huh?

Today I will go golfing on a rain drenched golf course. Me and the two guys I golf with will probably be the only golfers on the course today, as we were the only golfers on the course last Wednesday as well. Then Lillie will have Dance class and Preston will have gymnastics.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

We're lighting our menorah too... it reminds me of Grandpa, and I really like celebrating both holidays.

It's neat that Maren's workshop was so large - especially with all the flooding! Sounds like an interesting discussion :)