Monday, December 31, 2007

emissions done. Movies. See you next year.

Good Morning, it is Monday.

Well, I got it done! I was one of many who waited until the very last day of both the month and the year to get the emissions checked, then to get new tabs for Maren's car. The two cars that were in front of me on the freeway actually exited and weaved through Auburn and went into the testing center right in front of me. The guy who was testing my car was already grumpy, and it was only 9:05 am. I accidentally pulled my car forward a foot before Mr. Must Have All Control started to point at me like I was breaking all the laws on the books. I just "Yes Sir'd" and nodded my head the rest of the time and he got over his big bad self. Maren's car passed just fine. I never questioned it would not, but I guess stranger things have happened. There was very little line at the Licensing place, so now Maren is legal.

The last couple of days Lillie's new favorite movie is an old classic. In Search of The Wow Wow Wiggle Wiggle Wozzie Woodle Woo by a young Tim Noah. That was Preston's favorite movie of all time a few years ago, and Maren's favorite movie a few decades ago. We were watching The Sound Of Music last night and Preston was cracking up that Maren knew every line of the Movie. I guess she watched it a few (hundred) times when she was a kid. My favorite movie (for now) is the Simpson Movie. We have it from Net Flix and it is too funny. Not as good as Happy Gilmore, but it is funny.

We will just stay at home for the rest of the year. We will probably go bang pots and pans and let off a few fireworks around midnight. Have a good new years.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

happy new year to the whole gang! I couldn't believe you're having your 17 anniversary. We had our 28th on Dec. 14. Take care & enjoy 2008. Love, Susanna PS: Emily "re-emerged" on her blog ( & tells about the move and the new apt.

Amber said...

The wow wow wibble wobble wozzy woodle woo! I used to love that soundtrack, but I don't know that I've seen the movie (is that wierd?). Do you have it on DVD?