Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dynamics of a monthly Costco run.

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was the monthly Costco run. What are the three little words that your bank account fears the most? Monthly Costco run. Here is the way our Costco trip goes...

We go to Costco at Dinner time so we can eat Pizza. When we get in the doors, Maren gets a cart and starts to shop. I have the kids and head over to the food court. We stand in line for a long time. The time in line goes fast because of their sign that reads:


So as you can see Preston is trying to convince Hansen and Lillie that the sign is asking them to Please Leave. As in the store!!! It is actually funny the way the color codes are [on the sign] as whoever made this sign did not think that sign making was part of their job description so decided to make it read for the customers to simply Please Leave...and don't bring your carts in the food line.

After ordering a large pizza and getting a few pop cups, we go find a place to sit. Not too busy yet, so no problem. I let the kids do their own pop. How many different flavors of pop can you get in a graveyard? And does the Sprite on this side taste the same as the Sprite on the other side? I don't really mind them doing this dance at the beverage dispenser as long as no one is in line behind them looking at me like kids don't really belong in the world. Lucky for Hansen, he had a whole minute or two just to decide. The pizza takes ten minutes to cook, so by the time I get the kids seated with napkins, pop, and is about time to go get the pizza. Leaving the kids out of reach for 2 minutes to get the pizza is always dicey. Hansen is going to blow Lillie's napkins on the ground, she is going to yell at him to stop in her loudest yell, and other people are going to start to wonder if these kids parents finally made the right decision and just left them at Costco once and for all.

As soon as I get the pizza and am seated, I call Maren on her cell phone and she can stop shopping and come eat pizza with us. She takes a long time getting back to us...who can blame her. She finally get to the food court in time for Hansen and Lillie to have a knock down drag out about who gets to sit next to mom. The pizza at Costco last night was probably the best pizza I have had in months. Our pizza is usually take and bake Papa Murphy's or cheap freezer section pizza from the grocery store. The Costco pizza was very good, may have to go back soon.

So when we are done eating, we all head into the store. Because we are on a tight budget we spend the first few minutes putting things back on the shelves that somehow jumped into our cart. The kids want to look at video games and toys and stuff, so we look for a few minutes. Once the begging starts, we move on. On the way back up to the front of the store, the kids like to ride on the cart. No problem for a few minutes. By the time we get to the front of the store it becomes clear that things have keep jumping into the cart which, by now, is way over budget. The kids are fighting about who gets to ride on the front of the cart (actually not Preston...he now avoids his sibs and the whirlwind that surrounds them). So in line Maren and I are figuring we just doubled our budget, but we did get some nice pajamas for Lillie, and most of our Christmas shopping done. Yahoo. Hansen and Lillie are no longer allowed within two paces from the cart or each other. We pay, and leave as fast as possible.

When the Costco opens in Covington next fall, we can turn this monthly Costco trip into a weekly Costco trip and really live it up!

See you tomorrow.

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