Tuesday, December 11, 2007

done painting and stuff.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

The exciting news from yesterday...I finally finished painting!!! Kind of. I finished the stairway and entry way. I have now completed the entire downstairs and stairway. That was all that Maren wanted done by Christmas. That was more than I ever actually thought I could do. Done dude! The only thing about the new paint is now it is very clear that the boy's room needs to be painted, that will be next. I just need to decide if I will paint the boy's rooms white, or actually let them choose a color. Originally I was going to let them each choose a color for their side of the room...but I have found that painting white over white is a ton easier than painting anything over a dark color. I will think about it for a while...and not paint anything until I decide.

Next for our house will be new carpet. Our carpet is the original blue with brown stairs. We want to do the the downstairs and the stairway. The bedrooms could use new carpet as well, but getting the bedrooms in a place were all the stuff could be taken out, new carpet installed, and the bedrooms returned [all in one or two days] would take more work than we are capable of. I may just do each room with pergo, or something of the sort, over time. We originally wanted the carpet done by Christmas as well, but our budget will keep that from happening. We will make it a top list item for next year.

Today Preston has math club and volleyball. Lillie has speech class. Hansen has Taekwondo. Hansen has been begging to join the children's choir at church. I think Taekwondo twice a week, sparring once a week, and piano once a week is plenty. Maybe we will let him try choir, I don't know, he complains so much about his homework as it is, and his schedule is so full. I am on the fence with this one.

After re-reading this post, I see it is kind of wishy-washy. I guess today will be a wishy-washy day. See you tomorrow.

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