Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Pagent

Good Morning, it is Monday. I did not post yesterday. Just too busy in the morning. I am sure Saturday was a good day.

Yesterday was Lillian's Preschool Christmas Pageant. It was very good. Sunshine Mountain Preschool has to put on the best Christmas Pageants of all Preschools. Lillie had been in her Pageant dress and ready to go an hour before it was time to leave. In contrast, Preston was in grubby sweats and a dirty t-shirt until 1 minute until it was time to go. Lillie was seated in the very middle of the group surrounded by her Preschool buddies. They sang a bunch of songs and did a wonderful job. I even got to be in the Pageant. Parents had a few parts and I was a Wise man/ King. I was the giver of gold, and dressed in golden robes with golden bling. John was able to make it to the Pageant which was nice. I think everyone in the standing room audience had a great time. After the Pageant, it was down stairs for snacks and refreshments for both the kids and the guests. There were tons of cookies and brownies and Cranberry punch for everyone. Now it is official, no preschool for Lillie until next year.

The only bummer about the schedule of the Christmas Pageant was that held at the same exact time as Maren's cousin Amy's baby shower. This does not seem to be Maren's time for baby showers. Maren will have to miss her sister Melanie's baby shower as well, it has been scheduled for the one weekend Maren will be in Philadelphia for the ALA mid-winter conference. Bummer for Maren.

It was fun to see the Seahawks beat the Cardinals, but it would have been much better to see the game of the Pats against the Steelers. Of course the Pats/ Steelers game was not shown around here because it was the same time as the Seahawks. By the looks of the highlights, the Pats won without much trouble.

Today is a regular Monday around here. Lillie has gymnastics during the day, and Preston has Volleyball. Preston was one of only 3 fifth graders selected for his schools tournament team. Go Grass Lake Gators.

See you tomorrow.

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