Tuesday, December 04, 2007

area flooding, busy day, Pats win

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

By the news and the local rivers and creeks, we are very lucky no to be affected by the massive flooding in the region. Maren had to be careful on her drive home from work, but otherwise, no problems for us. Seems like these "100 year weather phenomenons" are turning into a yearly thing. By the time the water goes down around here, there will be dozens and dozens of closed until repaired roads, and the ones that are not closed will have new pot holes and such. It is amazing how areas will be fine except for a couple of homes flooded due to a little creek that runs through its back yard which became a river for a few hours. Maren is glued to the TV checking to see if the roads to her work are opened or not.

Today is a busy day. Maren works late in Redmond...assuming they hold the class with the flooding up in that area. Preston has math club in the morning, then a volleyball game in the afternoon. Lillie has speech class and Pre School. Hansen has Taekwondo in the evening. I think I will be doing a lot of back and forth between activities this evening.

I enjoyed watching the Pats stay undefeated last night. Baltimore came so close. I will enjoy next weeks' game with the Pats and the Steelers. The teams playing the Pats these days are just playing so well, trying anything to win. The Pats just do what needs to be done. I don't really like Brady that much (he was my QB a few years ago in my fantasy football league...after I got rid of Peyton Manning...who I don't like, because like Phil Micklson, he is just boring) but I will be rooting for the Pats. I would like them to stay undefeated for the season. Personally in today's world of sports, I enjoy seeing a team or person dominate what is seemingly impossible to dominate. I always root for Tiger Woods every time he tees up his ball.

See you tomorrow.

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