Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yea Helio, house track, painting

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

We had a long day yesterday, but we survived no problem. Even stayed up late to see Helio win Dancing with the stars. I knew who won from looking online before Maren got home from work, but I had to keep my big mouth shut for most of the Finale show. Thankfully we have a Replay TV and started watching at 10:00 pm so we could skip all the lame dances from the likes of Mark Cuban and the other losers. Glad Helio won, he was my favorite this year.

Yesterday I did some painting and am now a good portion (maybe half way?) done with the entry way. Painting is slow going with a 20 foot extension pole, but far better than trying to do a 20 foot ladder with paint in one hand, roller in another, and being so freaked out that I can't move. How do you paint when you can't move? Exactly.

After we got home from Taekwondo, I let Hansen play a little Nintendo as a reward for doing much of his homework. I don't know what it is about video games, but when played after dinner, a 7 year old becomes wound up like a spring. During commercials of a Charlie Brown Christmas, I had to have Hansen run laps around the house track. Of course the laps turned out to be the most fun ever and Lillie joined in as well. Preston did not join in the lap running, but he did try to trip his sibs as they rounded the corner closest to his spot on the couch. No more Nintendo after dinner on a school night...please remind me if I forget. Before dinner great, all weekend long, no problem, after dinner on a school night...don't even think about it.

Today is a crazy day. The Ostergards will come over to play with Lillie and I may go golfing 9 holes. It is so cold, going to snow tonight, but if I don't golf today, when will I golf? Golfing in 35 degree mud is not the same as the golf my dad is playing in Florida. Hmf.

After school is Preston's first school volleyball game. I am looking forward to seeing the game. Then is straight to gymnastics, and dance class. Lots of hurry up and wait. My blog can almost make the kids seem over programed, but trust me, they are bored and not doing stuff a lot. Wednesdays are just the busy day. It always goes smoothly.

Have a good day, I am drinking coffee and typing quickly. I have found I really like strong Starbucks Coffee (bean form from Costco) with a good strong creamer. Go figure.

See you tomorrow.

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