Wednesday, November 21, 2007

broken part, Christmas boxes

Good Morning,

Well, there is a lot to talk about. I will get typing.

I will start with the Sears Refrigerator repair man. Well, The guy who came to install the part was the original guy (who could not find where the part went...remember?). I did not really mind because I figured I would show him the part, he would recognize it as the one he could not find, show him where it goes, and he would just replace it. But no. Everything went as planned until he decided to leave on a bracket which should have come off to give the necessary room to replace the part. And you guessed it...he broke the new part! He broke it! The second $172.00 part that has been ordered that we have waited forever for, that I did not install because I was worried about defaulting the warranty even though I could install it properly with my eyes closed. He broke the $%^&ing part. Well, the part is a big electrical circuit board with electronic things everywhere, now one of the electronic blubbies is only hanging on the board by a wire (and one side is broken) the refrigerator seems to be working. He ordered a new part for me (third part...1st he sent back because he thought it was the wrong part, 2nd he broke, third will be the charm) and he told me that it is very easy to change and when the new part comes in, I should just change it. I was laughing because it is so funny that a trained technician can't get this part installed, yet he tells me it is easy and I should have no trouble...well I will have no trouble, you actually have to try to screw up! Can you believe it! This guy has, if you believe the receipts, spent almost $1500.00 on parts and labor (billed to sears as this is warranty work) to end up asking me to install the part (the 3rd one) when it comes in in a week. We purchased the fridge for $850 on clearance sale from the outlet store. I really hope I am not the normal client for this guy, maybe me watching him work puts too much stress on him...who knows. Could not even make this story up.

Enough on that...Yesterday the boys had their eye check ups. Preston's eyes are still perfect. Hansen's eyes are good, but starting to get a bit worse. Dr. Kosnoski said that he could be fitted for the lowest level of prescribed glasses, but he would not recommend it at this time...but maybe when he hits his next big growth spurt, he may need the glasses. So all good for now.

I brought down the boxes (like 4 big boxes) of Christmas stuff from the storage area in the garage. Lillie and Maren are having a great time with all the stuff. Maren is beside herself with having a perfect little partner in crime in Lillie. Lillie oohhs and aahhs over everything and nothing is too small or frivolous for full attention. And she notices everything...for example, Maren replaced the blue candles on the table with orange candles before Halloween, and Lillie was the only one of us to notice, she was going ga ga over orange candles. We have been watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music and shaking Christmas snow globes and on and on and on. We will go to the Macy's Parade in Seattle the day after Thanksgiving, then put up a tree...Maren and Lillie will spend hours looking at each ornament and drink hot chocolate and have a wonderful time. Hansen will get in to the spirit no problem, but Preston will probably sit on the couch and play his PSP. I will fill you in more when the fun actually happens. My job will be a little less glamorous, I will wake up at 5:00 am the day after Thanksgiving, go to Target and buy all of our Christmas gifts for the boys along with throngs of other zombies. Then drive the fam to Seattle for a freezing parade with thousands of other folks. Then wrestle with the new artificial tree (we went artificial last year after 13 years of cut trees) because we can keep the tree up longer, and it is cheaper, safer, and actually the fake tree looks better. Bah Humbug. You see, it really is a great thing that Maren and Lillie have each other.

We can't forget that we actually have Thanksgiving to get though. Yesterday Lillie had her Preschool Feast. Her preschool had cute paper outfits for the kids...Lillie had a little white paper bonnet. We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie. It is still great. I just wish Charlie Brown would get to kick the football. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I will same some details for then, besides my fingers are getting tired from typing and you are getting tired from reading...see you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Nice blog. I can totally envision Maren & Lillie listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa while decorating the house. That's sweet!

We have a fake tree, but I don't think we'll put it up this year. It doesn't look like anybody's coming over, and I think I'll save the effort for setting up the nursery.