Tuesday, November 20, 2007

don't remember

Good Morning,

Yesterday in the middle of the day, something cool happened and I thought I should write it down so I remember it for my blog. Well, I did not write anything down, and I do not remember anything. I know something cool happened yesterday, I just can't remember. Doh. Looking around the house and wondering does not seem to be helping. Oh well. Moving on.

Today is a busy day. Preston leaves for school early for Volleyball practice. He is one of the select few 5th graders that gets to play on the 6th grade volleyball team. Lucky for him Andrew is able to give him a ride to school. The one bummer thing for Preston is that he lives far from his school, and he has little siblings, so for early morning stuff, he usually needs to find a ride.

Lillie has speech class during the day. Then she has Preschool. Today is her Thanksgiving party at school. Then we pick up the boys and take them to their eye checkups. Their eye doctor is Ed Kosnoski Jr. who I went to highschool with. How weird is that? That stuff happens when you never move. Then it is off to Taekwondo and hopefully we will not be too late, but I suspect we will miss about half the class.

Also today, the refrigerator repairman is back. We have the part (again) and a more skilled technician will install it. Then our fridge should be perfect. It has been working fine of late, I just need to defrost the elements for 15 minutes every week. It will be nice to have it work perfectly. My only hope is that the repair man can make it to our house at a time we are home...otherwise I may be installing the part myself.

See you tomorrow.

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