Monday, November 26, 2007

puke fest

I am posting a little earlier than normal because I just don't see any reason to even try to get back to sleep. Maren and Hansen both started puking their guts out at around 2:30am. Then they both went at it again about an hour later. I don't know if it something they ate, or something else. So far it is just them. Me, Preston and Lillie are doing just fine. Other than Lillie being sick for the last few days. Maren will not be going to work fact, I will be surprised if we see her up and about at all today. Preston is not sure where to go, sleeping in his room is not really happening, and the couch did not work for him either. I just did not even try to get back to sleep, because once I do, then Hansen will be sick again. Besides, I can't run the clothes washer and dryer in my sleep.

I really feel bad for Hansen. He puked all over his favorite Lego Catalogs and Bionicle magazines. He has probably read each one like 500 times on the school bus, at night, at school, whenever...they have been taped back together with packing tape several times, and tonight they all ended up in the garbage. Luckily we should be able to get new ones by calling customer service. I think he may try harder to make it to the bathroom next time rather than just barfing willy nilly in the future.

If Lillie wakes up healthy, she will get to go to gymnastics. We don't have any other extra plans scheduled for today. Looks like we just ended up with a 5th day of vacation. We did not even go to Church yesterday because Lillie was so croupy and congested...she was feeling fine, but she sounded bad in the morning.

Well, yesterday, before all of Pukeville came to visit, we had a nice day. The kids went to see the movie Enchanted with John and Carol (who I hope are not up puking like half of our family) and from all reports, the movie was excellent. Maren and I hung out at Fred Meyer Optical and bought Maren a pair of nice new glasses and contact lenses. We were only going in for glasses as our insurance is yearly, then she would get contact lenses in January, but they had a great contact lens sale and glasses sale and it made far more sense to get both now...she can just get another pair of glasses next year.

Well, see you tomorrow. Hope there is better news to report. Like I jumped on a plane and am now living in a resort in Cancun where everything is beautiful and...what is that buzzing? Dang, my alarm just went off, and I am not even sleeping.

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