Friday, November 30, 2007

gymnastic friend, bed time monsters, fridge fixed.

Good morning, it if Friday.

My post is a little later than usual...but I am still the first one up. Maren is taking the day off of work as she had so much comp time and is teaching for a couple of hours tomorrow. She will sleep as long as she possibly can, probably 9:00 am.

Yesterday Lillie had a make up class for gymnastics at 11:00 am. Lillie is so funny with friends and stuff. There was a girl in this class who was exactly Lillie's age, size, and had on the same gymnastics clothes. Within one second they were best friends. They were holding hands and talking about all kinds of things. They even did all the same poses and hand stuff when waiting for their turns on the various obstacles set up for their class. It was almost like they were separated at birth. Lillie and this other girl are in different school districts, their gymnastics classes are different days and they may never see each other again. But they had a ton of fun, and got along splendidly for the class time. I don't think that kind of thing ever happened with the boys.

The kids were up kind of late again. I made sure that they had plenty of goof off time. And they did goof off. It is like they were sneaking cookies or something because Hansen and Lillie just seemed hopped up on sugar. Come to think of it, maybe they were...I was in the garage exercising from like 6:45 to 7:30 pm and Maren did make cookies. Hmm. I hope for the kids sake that they figure it out or they will never get to play Nintendo or have food after like 6:00 pm for as long as they live at my house. It is amazing how these things just turn perfectly good kids into monsters. Unless...they really are monsters and nothing can be done to avoid them from acting as such. Frightening.

Yesterday I totally defrosted the refrigerator and installed the new computer brain...the same one that the Sears Tech broke trying to install, then reordered and asked me to install it because it is so easy. Well, I was able to install it no problem. Lets hope this is the end of the refrigerator saga.

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