Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Veteran's day, WWII memorial registry

Good Morning.

I have spent some time this morning gathering information on my Grandpa Sandler (who lives in Florida), and Maren's dad [John], as the boys' school is gathering information for a Veteran's day Assembly on Friday. I will not be at the assembly this year as I will be in Florida visiting my parents, as well as my Grandparents. The school does a very nice assembly honoring all the Veterans who are relatives of the school kids.

Here is a link to see my Grandpa Sandler's page on wwiimemorial.com:

Yesterday was a fun day. Lillie was very excited to have a friend (named Lily) come play at our house after lunch. The Lillian's get along well. I video taped them for a few minutes jumping on the couch having a great time. I have got to get that video cord to upload videos.

Lillie was the only one in her gymnastics class yesterday. She is generally a teacher favorite and had good class. You are always the line leader when your the only student! Hansen had a good Taekwondo class. He is in a beginners class still, but he is moving up the ranks quick. Of the 15 or so kids in the class, Hansen was the third highest ranking student. It is fun for him to be a high ranking student because he still remembers [and talks about] when he just started and the high ranking students were so good...now it is him that is good. He will probably go into a more advanced class in a few months, but it is good to be one of the more senior belts in the beginner class for a while. Hansen has a Green Belt.

Today is voting day. There are some important items on the ballot today. Get out and Vote. I will vote during the day and Maren will vote on the way home from work.

See you tomorrow.

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