Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hansen's vacation

Good Morning,

I am the first one up today. The coffee pot just went off. I say it went off because when it starts to grind the beans, it sounds like a jet airplane getting ready for take off.

Hansen had a good time on his vacation to Nana's house with his cousin Alex. We went to pick him up in the evening and Anne was there with the other cousins Miles and Claire. Claire is a couple of years older than Lillie, but they get along splendidly. Preston is the only one without a cohort, but he played his PSP for awhile, then directed the littles on how to get in as much trouble as possible without actually getting in trouble. Miles is a very cute 2 year old. He is very Hansen like as a two year old. Says "thank you" to everything, and has learned a few choice sayings from his older brother and sister. He just goes and goes.

Today after Sunday School and Gleaning, Maren is taking the kids to Nana's again to see the same cousins while the adult girls have a jewelry party. I was going to watch the kids until a better offer came along. Cousin Amy was looking to find someone to go to the Seahawks game today with Craig to see the Seahawks play the Bears. The tickets are season tickets in section 119, row A. That means if the players want to they can give us High Fives from the field. That is like front row. I have never even been inside the new Seahawk Stadium, but today I get to go inside in style. How cool is that. Thank you Amy. Lets hope the Seahawks can slam da Bears and keep the Mike meter in the cool zone.

See you tomorrow.

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The Mind of Michel said...

Have fun at the game. Qwest Field is a great venue for a football game, it will get very loud in there! The family went to the Monday night game this last week, hopefully you will see a win as we did.