Sunday, November 04, 2007

Visitors from Vasa, last soccer game

Sunday Morning. It is light outside and 7:30 am. Thanks only to the end of Daylight savings. This evening at 5:30 pm when it is dark, I will not be so happy about the clock change.

Yesterday Maren's parents brought over a couple of young girls visiting from Vasa, Sweden? They are sisters visiting the states, and visiting distant relatives, for about 8 days. One is 16 and her sister is 28? They were very nice. They speak English so well that we did not even have to adjust our vocabulary or speed for them to understand us clearly. They will be staying with John and Carol for a about a week, then going to Centraillia area to see other relatives. I am not sure their time with us was as "hip" as they would have liked a visit to the states to be...we took them to see part of Preston's soccer game and Julefest at the church. I am sure they will get to the mall another time or two, and eat at Red Robin or someplace similar. Regardless, I am sure they are having a fun time.

Yesterday was Preston's last soccer game. They lost their first game. The team played them very tough. This was the first time they played a team that was about equal in skill, but maybe better at teamwork,knowing their positions, and matching the position with the kid than our team. Anyhow, the Cougars, yes Preston's soccer team is the Cougars. Being a Husky, I automatically hate Cougars, but I have softened some, still took 1st in the league and had a very good season. I ate too much pizza at the banquet. Is it possible to eat too much pizza? Maybe I did not eat too much pizza.

Preston is at a friend's house as he spent the night last night. I will probably take L and H to Sunday school, but we may not stay for the service as Maren and Preston will not be there. Maren is feeling a little sick, besides someone has to be home for Preston. He probably stayed up until about 4 this morning watching movies and playing games. Hansen had a friend over until 9 pm last night playing Nintendo. Lillie watched them some and whined some, she probably should have gone to bed earlier, but we let her stay up and be misserable. She did enjoy watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving on the VCR.

See you tomorrow.

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