Saturday, November 03, 2007

busy day

Good Morning.

Yesterday ended up to be a busy day. Hansen had a friend visit in the morning. I taught a golf lesson while Lillie was in school. The boys came with me and each hit a large bucket of range balls before playing their Nintendo game boys and waiting for me to finish. Preston went to a friends house for the early afternoon and evening, Lillie had dance class, and Hansen got to go to a friends house for movie night. Not overly busy for any of the kids individually, just me. I was the chauffeur. On the chauffeur front, Hansen has actually decided that he likes to ride in the third row of the van because in limousines, the important people ride in the very it should be with him.

Today is another relatively busy day. We have Preston's last soccer game and his year end banquet a few hours later. While Preston is playing his game, Maren and the others will walk across the parking lot to our church. The church is holding a Yule fest bazaar. Hansen and Lillie will really enjoy the bazaar, I think I will stay at the soccer game. The others that Maren will be with are not just Hansen and Lillie. Maren's parents have a couple of visitors from Sweden for the week. John, Carol and the visitors are coming to the game/bazaar. My guess is that John will stay at the game and the visitors (youngish girls?) will go to the bazaar with Maren, Carol and the kids. I will have to go to the bazaar for a few minutes to load up some good eats.

After the game is our day to glean, we do a pick up every two weeks as part of a local gleaning group/ food bank. In return we enjoy bread and others good for free. Usually it takes an hour or so every couple of weeks. It is a cool money saving thing.

Then off to the local Pizzeria for Preston's soccer banquet. Preston had a good soccer season. His team has got a bunch of good kids and they had a good season. They will hold first place in the league regardless of today's outcome.

We get an extra hour of sleep tonight, yea.

The refrigerator is still working fine, we should know if there are frost issues in another day. The part the repairman thought was the wrong part because he could not figure out where it went, goes just under the front right door. I was looking to see if any water was collecting in the drip pan, and right there is the part he could not find. Skilled technician he was not!

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