Monday, November 19, 2007

Seahawk game, Jewelry party

Good Morning,

Today, I could have slept longer. I am sure you could have too. Dark, wet, Monday morning.

I had a great time at the Seahawk's game yesterday. Kraig and I found parking about a half mile from the stadium for only $10.00. They were actually changing the sign to $15 as we pulled in, but I said they just changed the sign, let me park for $10. please...and they did, so that was cool. Our seats were in the very front row on in the corner of the end zone where the visiting team enters and leaves the field. A lot of people really enjoyed similar seats to yell as loud as they could at the Bears about how much they suck. What amazing show a NFL football game is. Camera men everywhere, people everywhere, cheerleaders just to the side of our seats. The football players look so much bigger and faster in real life when up close. Some of those guys are huge...and so fast. The fans are so loud and rowdy. Talk about a different crowd than at a Baseball game. Fans were looking for fights. One way to get into a fight is to wear the opposing team jersey to a Seahawks game. Lots of Bear fans getting picked on. There was no trouble other than friendly razzing, but if a Bear Jersey wanted to pick a fight, there were plenty of drunk guys happy to fight...and if the Seahawks would have lost, I am sure that number would have gone way up. The stadium gets very very loud. In the second half when the Bears had the ball, you could not even hear yourself think. It was very cool. The Seahawks played a good game and won. It was a little rough at first as we were loosing early, but they came back and won in good fashion. We got to give high fives to the cheerleaders on their way off the field. The football game was a blast, thank to Amy for the tickets.

Maren and the kids had a good time at the Jewelry party. As it turned out, Hansen was more excited to get stuff than Lillie. He got a baseball necklace and a skeleton pin. Bed time was a little rough as the kids had a free-for-all weekend with their cousins and getting back to order for bed time was not necessarily top on their list. The kids (especially Hansen and Lillie) really enjoyed hanging out with Alex and Claire. According to reports, I guess Miles has befriended Preston. Preston has a big fan in a cute little 2 year old.

Today we have a couple of school friends coming over from 7:30 am to 8:30 am (when they go to the bus). It may turn into a regular sitting thing if all goes well.

Today Lillie has gymnastics, and that is about it. Should be a calm day.

See you tomorrow.

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