Monday, November 05, 2007


It is starting to get a little light outside.

Yesterday I watched the first half of the Seahawks game as well as the first half of the Colts/Pats game. I got bored of TV and decided to run some errands. Got back to find out that both games were great finishes. Next time I will have to just watch the second halfs. Instead I bought paint supplies and changed car oil.

I brought Lillie and Hansen to Sunday School. We did not stay for the service, but we did enjoy Sunday School. When we got home we had lunch, picked up Maren and Preston and went shopping. Target has all Halloween stuff at 75% off. We bought Lillie and Hansen's Halloween costumes for next year as long as other fun stuff.

The kids get a monthly allowance on the 5 th of each month. Preston saves his, Lillie and Hansen spend it all ASAP. Since there was no chance of shopping the rest of this week, I gave them an advance yesterday and they spent it all at Target. Hansen bought a Mars Mission Lego ship set, and Lillie bought Barbie Princess Fairies. No surprise there. Preston will take the cash and save it for a while, then eventually buy an expensive PlayStation game. He does a good job of waiting until the local EB games gets used copies. Yesterday we looked there and they only had a new version of the game he wants for $39.00, but he decided it was too much. When they get used games in they are usually about $10.00 less. It is not like Preston does not have a ton of Naruto games...he is just wanting one for the PSP.

Today Lillie has gymnastics, and Hansen has Taekwondo.

See you tomorrow.

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