Friday, November 16, 2007

back to painting

Good Morning,

I think I will get back to painting today. I have to do the stairway, up to the ceilings. I have a very long extension pole and edger tools that I used on the rest of the rooms. With any luck I can do the job without a huge ladder. I can see it [the painting] will take a much longer time with the extension pole as just putting paint on the pad or roller will take time. I won't expect much.

Lillie has pre-school. The boys have their last day of half days. No sports tonight.

Hansen is spending the night at his Nana's house along with his cousin Alex. They get along great and should have a great time. Hansen says he is leaving today for vacation (as I just went on vacation) and we will see him again on Saturday evening.

We still have a couple of net flix movies from last weekend that the kids enjoyed, but I have not seen, so we may watch them again. One is Meet the Robinsons, the other is Men in Black 2. I think Hansen and Alex are going to be treated to Shrek the 3rd.

See you tomorrow.

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