Friday, November 02, 2007

refrigerator, 24-7 Christmas music, Devin update

Good Morning. I just did not feel like getting up this morning. I got up about 45 minutes later than usual. Maren was like "na na I got up first", and I am still just like "ugh". My lack of zest could be linked to the place I missed on my last haircut that is back left and sticking straight up making me look like Who from Whoville in Jim Carey's Grinch Stole Christmas. But it is not, I am actually quite used to crummy hair, crummy hair mixed with no hair to be truthfull. It is actually the stupid refrigerator repair man that has still got me a going a little. Of the parts he ordered for the fridge, the main one was the wrong part. He changed out a couple of sensors, but the sensors were not the problem. The stupid fridge does not know to defrost itself and needs a new brain. Then he told me that he searched a long time for the correct part, so it must not be available yet. But he said I have options if the fridge does not work correctly, you see according to him I can make an appointment either by Internet or you see I have options. I asked him if he honestly thougth the fridge would work and he said he hopes so, then I said "off the record, should I return it, or keep calling", and he is like "I don't do favors-you have options", and I started to go off on him and said that I did not want any favors I only wanted the Truth, (he was not full of Truthiness-as coined by Colbert) he only says that we have discussed our options, good day! He wins the prize for grand dork of the day. We may have to return this refrigerator and get a new one, how frustrating.

On a happier note, mainly for Maren-and the Grinch thing earlier is a good segway, there are a couple of stations on the XM radio that are now playing 24 hours a day Christmas music. If there were any workers at those XM radio stations that tried to stand up and say that no one would listen to a 24/7 Christmas song station in November, their votes were properly vetoed, Maren is one of probably many counting the days to November when you can listen to Christmas songs 24/7.

The boys do not have school today. Lillie does have school. Lillie also has dance class this evening due to the class on Halloween being rescheduled. Hansen is excited to have movie night with his friend Devin (the bicycle - car crash victim last week) who is home from the hospital with a broken femur. He is lucky he was properly wearing his helmet, and only his leg is broken. Bad break, poor kid, he has plates in his leg and can not put weight on the leg for like two months. No cast, it is all inside, then in several months he has to go in for surgery again to get the plates removed. For now he is in a wheel chair as a walker is taxing for long periods of time for an 8 year old. Turns out the lady who hit Devin is a lady in her 50's who was driving perfectly and Devin just blitzed out in front of her. I guess she calls to see how Devin is doing and such, and his parents tell her his is doing well and not to worry about him. This has not been a fun experience for her either.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

the "option" that might give you peace and happiness sooner would be the one involving buying a new fridge! What a hassle--
I have enjoyed reading your writings so much, and it makes me think of how much my mother would have enjoyed being in touch with my brother in this way, that is, if such a thing as blogs existed in the old days. Thanks & love, Susanna

Julian's Blog said...

I think we will give the fridge one more try...after all, there will be lots of new parts. Most likely a new fridge will be the answer. I am glad you enjoy the blog, I enjoy writing it, makes waking up a little easier.
Did you know I will be visiting my parents for the long weekend next weekend. We can't afford to take the whole family, but I get visit for a few days, golf a couple of times, and visit some family...should be fun.