Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Good Morning,

Yesterday went smooth. After being in Florida, the weather was very cold and dreary...and it was a nice day for our PNW standards.

I took the boys to the book fair at their school and they got to choose books to buy. Preston found a book, Hansen two, and we found a couple of books for Lillie, who was at Preschool. The book fairs should be a great time, looking at books, buying books, books, books books...should be a great time. But the book fairs have an element of evil to them in the guise of books that are not books. There are so many bug catchers with a instructional manual, or magnet sets with a pamphlet that explains magnets, or Toy cars with a manual. The toys disguised as books drive me batty. Not only are they not books, but they are freaking expensive. And if telling Hansen 27 times that No, that is not a book, if you want a toy you need to buy it yourself...oh yeah, you spent your allowance, better choose a BOOK from the book, that is a pen, that is not a book. Well, we did only buy books, and we found good ones too. Hansen's books were a Bionicle book and a some other similar book. Lego has done it right, they make chapter books that tell stories about the characters that they also sell in Lego form (just not at book fairs). Hansen now can read chapter books about the guys he builds. Preston found a book on Runescape...kind of similar, a book about a computer game, but in book form. Lillie got a Barbie fairies book and one on the Power puff girls. Hansen and Preston did have enough of their own money to buy a few bookmarks for themselves.

Hansen enjoyed his now Taekwondo class. He is now the lowest belt, but this is good. There were a couple of Black Belts, a few Red Belts, and a couple of Brown belts, and Hansen was the only Green Belt. Hansen got to see some good speed and control that he would not see in his lower class. Also the kids are far more self disciplined so the teacher does not need to cover as much of the little stuff, it is good for Hansen to see kids just doing what they need to do. All the kids in the class actually go to the same school as Hansen, but are more in Preston's age group.

Today I have parent/teacher conferences with the boy's teachers. The boys did excellent as usual. We do have issue with Preston's teacher who gave him low marks in Math. If it was a different subject it may be able to it turns out many kids in the class got low marks and the teacher says it is because of the new book, but that is ridiculous. He should have just given appropriate grades on his own. You just don't give a whole class of Highly Capable kids low marks on math unless you want to upset every parent and always be remembered by an elite group of kids as a total Schmuck...which may have just happened. Preston's teacher may have gone down as his favorite if it was not for low marks with no warning in there will always be an asterisk next to his name. The math grades caught Preston and several of his friends (and their parents, who would make sure the kids are understanding if there was any communication that the kids were struggling) totally off guard. Everything else was were it should be.

I have not decided if i will golf or paint today. I would not say I am golfed out from my trip to Florida, but I will say that it seems awfully cold to golf so soon on the heels on my trip to Florida. I think I will go golfing, I can paint anytime. My dad's long time golf rules are 1. (I don't remember exact words as it has been awhile since I have heard them...but I am sure they are still true) You can never get back a round of golf that you missed, and it [the missed round of golf] may have been your best/last/who knows, just don't miss it because you can't get it back. And 2. There is nothing worse than a bad lay up shot...which I did hear in Florida as I pulled a simple lay up shot into the crap. I usually try extra hard on lay up shots, I just thought that one in Florida was automatic. My golf rule, which I also heard in Florida, is that if you have never gotten a hole in one, and you have been golfing for many years on a regular basis and are a very good golfer (does this describe my dad?) you should actually aim at the hole on every par three because you might just hit the ball where you are aiming. So anyhow, I think I will go golfing today, aim at the hole on ever par 3, and not mess up any lay up shots.

See you tomorrow.

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