Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Costco, jazz shorts

Good Morning,

Yesterday I took Lillie with me for a smallish Costco trip. We saw a few folks we know from Lillie's pre-school. We ended up having lunch (Costco hot dog style) with a boy and his mom from Lillie's Friday class this year, and her class last year. Costco is ready for Christmas, let me tell you. Several isles of Christmas stuff. It is clear that Lillie has inherited her mom's love of holidays and holiday stuff. There are isles of small sparkly figures and isles of larger stuff. We walked through the isles and Lillie just was like a kid at Disneyland. "Look at that Nutcracker! Look, a Girl Nutcracker, no way!", " look at that amazing snow globe or _____". After a minute I only hear like Snoopy in the holiday cartoons hears humans, "wa wa wa wa wa". I don't think these isles at Costco were really put there for boy shoppers. And it is not just the decorations, you should see the toy isles. Jam packed of huge toys. Barbie guitar jam stations, Dora doll houses, Porcelain Barbie Princess, you name it. Even Hansen would have had to be taken away kicking and screaming. The one good thing about the toy section at Costco is that the items are so big, that Lillie understands that she just can't afford them with her allowance (which she spent the day she received it anyway) and she did not whine even one time about not buying anything, she just enjoyed looking at all the stuff. I think she already has a good grasp on budgeting.

Today Carol will come out and watch Lillie and I will head off to the golf course to try to learn how to golf well enough to beat my dad when I see him on Friday. It is supposed to rain today, or maybe not...the forecasters don't have a clue. I guess I will just be prepared.

Maren had to go into work early for a 7:30 meeting, and she teaches a class this evening, so we will not see her until around bed time. Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has dance class, and Preston has gymnastics. After golfing, I will have a few minutes of relax time, then back to business. Lillie's dance class is Ballet/jazz. It is funny because the class wears pink leotards with pink tights for the ballet part, then they have to bring their black jazz shorts that they put on half way through class to begin the jazz stuff. It works great for them, they know when they are doing ballet and jazz by their shorts. Basketball sign ups are just past. No basketball for our family this season. Preston has decided to stay with gymnastics over the winter, Hansen will stay with Taekwondo, and Lillie will stick with Dance. Although she thinks she may be ready to try soccer again. Although Wednesday evenings are so busy, it is kind of nice to get all those activities done on one day. We actually have Tuesdays and Thursdays free of evening activities so the kids have plenty of time for homework or just annoying each other and their parents.

See you tomorrow.

PS. I just spell checked today's entry...more spelling errors than ever. The page was glowing yellow. Hansen spells kind of like I do. His pre-test spelling test have nearly as many wrong words as correct. I must admidt that he does actually learn the words during the week and always does well at the end of the week. That may be a step up from where I was as a second grader.

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