Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hansen's moto, school conferences

Good Morning,

Wednesday went much smoother without Taekwondo. Dance class [for Lillie] and gymnastics [for Preston] was plenty, but no hurry.

My good story for yesterday is: Hansen and I were playing Pictochat on our game boys while Lillie was in Dance Class. Pictochat is kind of like wireless texting between game boys. We were resetting Hansen's game boy so it did not say it was property of Preston and it asked a couple questions. Name, birthday, and favorite saying. I was not even going to do the saying part, but I decided to ask Hansen what his favorite saying is, and he thought for a second and said "Keep moving Forward." Apparently he got it from a movie The Robinsons? that he watched. Anyway, the fact that he knew what a "saying" was was amazing to me, then to choose one that is Perfect for him, I was amazed. Keep moving forward.

I golfed 9 holes yesterday. All my lay up shots (2 off the tee) were perfect. I missed the hole on a par 3 by less than a foot! Otherwise just a ho hum 9.

The boy's conferences went well. I had a good talk with Preston's teacher. I am not impressed with the whole math curriculum and how it is being taught and graded. Not sure the Kent School District is doing HC kids justice. I will have to see if other parents are thinking the same way. Hansen is doing great...he just keeps moving forward.

See you tomorrow

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