Thursday, November 08, 2007

long day, golfed, leaving on vacation

Good Morning,

Yesterday Maren had a very long day. From being at work extra early for a meeting, to working very late teaching a class. She has accrued enough comp time in the last couple of weeks to work a short day today, and take tomorrow off completely without taking vacation. Since I will not be here tomorrow, she saved herself some vacation time.

Yesterday worked out good for me and the kids. Carol came out and watched Lillie. I went golfing at Elk Run. The guy I was going to meet up with never showed up, so I joined a couple of older guys who were very fun to golf with. My game was identical to last weeks. I used the same score card and with exception for two holes, had the same score on every hole. Shot a 72. One under on the front, two over on the back. The back is easier than the front, I just made a few bad shots.

Hansen learned yesterday that he gets to move to the advanced class in Taekwondo. The class meets on Tue and Thur rather than his current Mon and Wed. This is good for him as he will now be with some very advanced kids. Good for the family as Preston's soccer just ended and now we have Tue and Thurs empty and this will take some pressure off of Wednesdays. Yesterday Lillie was late to dance class because in my getting all the kids ready for their individual activities, I forgot to pack her dance shoes and we had to run home to get them after dropping Hansen off at Taekwondo. Since that was the worst thing, everything worked out fine.

This is my last blog for a few days. I will be taking a red eye flight to Florida to visit my parents and grandparents for a few days. Maren and the kids will do fine without me for a few day. Friday is a half day and Monday is no school. Lillie and Preston have birthday parties to attend and Lillie may be cranky at bed time, but they will make it fine. Here is the schedule my mom has made for me:

Friday, Nov. 9:

Plane arrives 11:35AM - meet at closest place we can get to the gate
Come home, eat lunch
Dad and Julian go to Jacaranda and play 18 holes or till dark
Come home, eat dinner
After dinner, look at scrapbooks, old schoolwork and notes, Amber's video, our video

Saturday, Nov. 10:

Wake up, blog, eat breakfast (what do you like for breakfast?)
Pick up Aunt Ruth in Deerfield Beach
Grampa and Bernice coming between 12 and 12:30PM - eat lunch
Take Aunt Ruth home
Take a ride around Hollywood - hospital where born, Mayo St. house, Pershing St. house, Driftwood Elementary, Hollywood Beach
Go out to dinner

Sunday, Nov. 11

Mom and Julian meet Gr. Toby at Bagel Cove inside door at 8:30AM
Come home, Dad and Julian go to Jacaranda and play golf
Come home, eat dinner if time before church, otherwise afterwards, unless we decide not to go to church

Monday, Nov. 12

Dad take Julian to airport, get to work late
Julian's plane departs 10:50AM

Looks like a good trip to me. I have not been to Florida in probably 15 years. Maren and I were there years ago after a Caribbean Cruise. It would be nice to take the whole family (lets face it, my grandparents would probably rather see my kids and my wife than see me...but who wouldn't? They are each better looking, nicer, and more interesting...but nener nener, I get to go on this trip), but the cost is prohibitivitly expensive. This trip today is just airfare (and my parents split it with me-thanks) no room and board or anything as I will stay with my parents. If the whole family came along we would need a hotel, a van, tickets to Disney World, airfare for 5, and so on and so on...I figure that would be about $6000 for a two week vacation. That $$$ is about as much as we budget for a whole year for food, clothing, and you know, living. Maybe some day it will be a possibility, but not now.

See you Tuesday...unless I blog from Florida.


Amber said...

If mom's schedule works out - we'll get a blog this weekend! Except... they have dial up.

Have fun :)

sussah said...

It sounds like you will be the rock star of the geriatric crowd. Maybe you can go to the public library to write! Have fun & Hi to everyone from me. Love, Susanna