Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween fun, golfed, Preston checkup

Last night was fun. Lillie and cousin Camden were running like mad to get as much candy as possible. Hansen was also going kind of nutty, Preston had a fun time, but stayed pretty mellow surrounded by the littles. Preston and Hansen did get to go around again with some friends, hope the neighbors did not mind if the boys showed up two time? Every house we went to would say to Lillie "you are the cutest kitty cat ever!", and Lillie would reply "Thanks, See you next Halloween, Bye!" and off she would run. A few of the neighbors really out did themselves. One neighbor has an old wooden Sailboat (probably 20+ feet-they are restoring it) that they pulled into their front yard. It was painted like a pirate ship with the skull flags flying and the pirate driving. Another neighbor had a fancy hunting camouflage suit on that made him totally disappear into the hedge near his front door, then he would reach out and totally scare the kids as they were knocking at his door. We just had the giant Pumpkin blow up and the haunted music from the garage. We got rid of a lot of candy. After we were done trick-or-treating (Maren stayed home to answer the door), the kids would fight over who would answer the door and give out candy. I think the trick-or-treaters liked Lillie the most as she would give each kid like 6 candies. Anyhow, we did get the kids in bed at a reasonable hours and they will be waking up soon.

Yesterday Maren's parents came over and watched Lillie as I went golfing-thanks John and Carol. They took Lillie to the Kent Station and walk around and ended up lunching at McDonalds- Lucky Lillie. The boys had a tough time getting home from school because once on the bus, Hansen realized he forgot his costume in his classroom. Preston called me on a cell phone, I instructed them to get off the bus, go get the costume, and wait for me to pick them in the office (which was they were hoping for). After all that, they still got home only 10 minutes after they normally would. The bus is not the fasted mode of transportation, but it works just fine. I golfed at Elk Run and paired up with a couple of nice golfers. I played well, no records broken, but I was happy with the way I played. My score was 72 (par 71). Two birds, three bogs, the rest pars. My ball was flying farther than expected off my driver and middle irons, and my putts were missing to the right. I can handle that.

Before school Preston had his 11 year check up. The doc asked if we wanted to get him a flu shot. I had H and L with me, so I said I thought we all should get one. And we all did. I went first and said I did not even feel it. Preston and Lillie were arguing on who would go second. Preston went next, said he did not feel anything. Lillie went third, said she did not feel anything. Hansen was quite reluctant to go at all, he was last, he said he felt something! but it was not too bad. Afterwards Preston told me his really hurt and he thinks the nurse grinded and twisted the needle in his arm, but he played along to not scare the littles. Good job Preston.

Today the refrigerator repair man is scheduled to fix the refrigerator. I help in Hansen's class for an hour and a half, Lillie has preschool, and we don't have any after school plans so the kids can play outside after school.

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