Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday, Thanksgiving

Good Morning. Happy Black Friday. I am already home from shopping.

There were only two things I wanted from the Black Friday sales. One may have been for Hansen and the other may have been for Preston and Santa may know all about my purchases. My first stop at 6:00 am was Target. The largest parking lot I know was all ready filled up by 5:45am. The line went for like 1/4 of a mile. I was at the end of the line. And it was 29 degrees. Every other store in the area was the same story. On the road it was like a mass the retail centers. Lots of nutty folks, glad to join them. Luckily I did not need a cart for my one purchase, I was able to get in, dodge the carts like a NFL running back, grab my item, and go pay. I was out of Target by 6:15 am. There were three cars fighting over my parking spot...the farthest one out in the lot. My next stop was not until 7:00, so I went to look at GI Joes for 20 minutes, got gas for Maren's car (I took her car because I did not want to scrape ice) then got in line at McLendons. Like there is ever a line at McLendons...what a joke. Well there was a long line this morning. I did the same as at Target, got in, got out. Yay. Then back home to see how sick little Lillie is doing.

Thanksgiving was very nice. Good dinner, good gathering. Just as planned. Except Lillie was still sick. Luckily for Lillie her auntie Stefanie was perfectly happy letting her hangout and nap on her lap for most of the evening. The boys had a great time. Hansen only freaked a little when he realized he had to eat at the kids table...he thought he should be with the adults. He got over it about 5 minutes after he should have, but it worked out just fine. Luckily I did not have to sit at the middle age boy table, that was a pathetic place. I sent Annie there instead so I could stay with Maren. Phew. When it was finally time to leave, Hansen did not want to go. I think Preston was ready to leave just to take a break from his biggest fan, Miles. Two year old Miles really thinks Preston is the best thing ever. Miles either talks about Preston or to Preston for most of the evening. It is very cute, and Preston does a good job with the attention.

Because Lillie is still sick we will not go to the parade. Instead I have to get off the computer NOW to set up the Tree. Maren and Lillie are already deep into the Nativity Scenes and other decorations. Lillie's last words just now were "You have to LOOK AT THIS, it is SO AWESOME. Yes, she is talking about some little Christmas ornament or something.

See you tomorrow.

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