Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Tree & stuff, Apple Cup, Girls day

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

We got a lot done yesterday. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Our new/used Buffet in the dining room is covered in Christmas stuff. The Buffet set up in our living room, and the way we totally re-arranged our furniture when painting, actually makes our house look like adults may live here. Kind of nice. Kind of different. Lillie and Hansen put on most of the ornaments...for a while the tree was bare on the top, bare on the bottom, and there were so many ornaments in the middle that the kids could not find places for more. Luckily Maren fixed the proportions issue and spread the ornaments over the expanse of the tree...not that she did not get a couple of "Hey, I put that right there, why did you move it?" The tree looks excellent.

Usually the night we put up the Christmas tree, we all get our sleeping bags and sleep in the living room by the lights on the tree. It is fun for the first hour or two as the kids will tell us ridiculous stories, but we usually try to get the littles into their own beds. Well, we did not do this last night. Preston could not turn down an invitation to spend the night at a friends house, and Lillie is still recovering from being sick. She went to sleep about 13 hours ago and still sleeping. Hopefully when she wakes up, she will be all better. I think we will sleep under the tree tonight. I may just call the big couch. Oh yea, Maren finally got her first Egg Nog milk shake from McDonalds last night. We don't frequent McDonalds very much...maybe one time per month. But their Egg Nog milk shakes are very good. I hit the drive through when dropping Preston's stuff off at his friends house.

Last night I also finished our Christmas letter. This years letter will be a good one. But I don't think I will ever publish a better card than the Super Hero card from last year. Or even the reality show card from several years ago. I would tell you this year's theme, but that would take away the fun. Today I will try to take a decent picture of the kids for the card. Hopefully we will be ready to mail everything in a couple of weeks.

Today is the Apple Cup. When the U of W Husky football team beats the WSU Cougar football team no matter what the teams records for the year have been. This year should be a good game as both teams really kind of suck. It is kind of weird having the Apple Cup after has always been the Saturday before Thanksgiving....that kind of takes away from the betting. You see, Stef is usually supposed to be washing my car on Thanksgiving. My guess is that is a fairly common punishment for those Cougars. You should hear the jokes flying around. Like: How do you get a WSU Cougar off your front porch? Pay them for the Pizza. Ha Ha. GO HUSKIES.

Today is the annual before Christmas girls day for the Ostergard's and their cousins and friends. If you see a whole mob of adult girls at the Super Mall taking over the smelly stores and the coffee shops, you now know who they are. In the past they have goon to Westlake Mall, but there are enough in the south end that they are trying a new venue. They may not be moving as fast this year as they have a couple of pregnant girls in the mix, but they will probably be just as loud. Stay clear from the Super Mall this afternoon if you know what is good for you!

See you tomorrow.

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