Sunday, November 25, 2007

Apple Cup let down---husky license plates

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Well, a very close Apple Cup. But the Huskies lost. Dang. Maren's cousins and sister and other Coug fans were not too rough on me. Either that is because they don't know how to celebrate a win in the Apple Cup as it just does not happen often for them, or they don't want to push me over the edge...the one I am teetering on. Ouch is all I can say. It was a good game. Good thing me and the boys had our fun prior to the game. Stef parked her car with Cougar license plates in front of our house as her, Maren, Lillie,and Carol did a very small girls day (everyone else canceled, but that is a different story I don't know anything about). I made replica Husky license plates and we covered her Coug plates. Too bad it started to rain and kind of ruined the plates (along with the game)...but I took some good photos.

Hansen was invited to spend the night at a friends house, so again we postponed sleeping under the tree. That is just fine with me. My bed is so much more comfortable than the floor.

Today after Sunday School and Church, the kids are going to the movies with John and Carol. Maren and I will shop for new eye glasses for her, and maybe a haircut? I guess there are good mushroom burgers at Carl's Jr. we may try one out.

See you tomorrow.

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