Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving plans

Good Morning, Happy Thanksgiving!

How old do the kids have to be before you are allowed to have a Thanksgiving day where you were not up half the night with a sick kid? It is not the Turkey that makes you sleep (well, maybe if you eat enough, it is), it is that you just have not slept in a day and a half. The last few years it has been Hansen. Ear infections would hit him hard every Thanksgiving, ear tubes have helped Hansen in a big way. Last night it was Lillie, not able to sleep (up like 5 times), and when Lillie can't sleep, can't no body sleep...except for Hansen and Preston who can sleep through anything. So as of now Lillie is feeling betterish. Has Tylenol on board, sitting upright on the couch so she is not so congested and watching the Garfield movie on the TV. I will be surprised if she is not just perfect later at the Ostergards.

Later at the Ostergards is a perfect transition to what are plans are today. I will tell you, and tomorrow we will see if they actually happened.

We plan on going to the Ostergards house at around Noon. In attendance will be John and Carol, Stef, Our 5, Maren's cousins Amy and her husband and kid, Maren's cousin Anne and her family of 5, and Carol's sister Sue (mom of the cousins). There will be enough kids there to warrant a kid table. How cool is that.

Yesterday I phone call from my brother Eric. He sounds like he is doing good. I think I will try to bring him some Turkey after dinner as his house is not too far from the Ostergard's house. He sounded not so sure if he wanted me to find and visit him, but he sounded like he would not mind some good Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday I helped my neighbor Mark for an hour or so fix his garage door. A young driver in the family happened to drive the family van into the garage door. We were able to get it functioning and looking decent...he may still need to replace the door, but it is working for now, just looks a little trashy from up close. In the next 5 years this neighborhood will change from young teens and pre teens walking, shooting hoops, playing football, and just hanging out to a very large group of drivers. Yikes.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving, see you tomorrow,

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