Friday, November 30, 2007

gymnastic friend, bed time monsters, fridge fixed.

Good morning, it if Friday.

My post is a little later than usual...but I am still the first one up. Maren is taking the day off of work as she had so much comp time and is teaching for a couple of hours tomorrow. She will sleep as long as she possibly can, probably 9:00 am.

Yesterday Lillie had a make up class for gymnastics at 11:00 am. Lillie is so funny with friends and stuff. There was a girl in this class who was exactly Lillie's age, size, and had on the same gymnastics clothes. Within one second they were best friends. They were holding hands and talking about all kinds of things. They even did all the same poses and hand stuff when waiting for their turns on the various obstacles set up for their class. It was almost like they were separated at birth. Lillie and this other girl are in different school districts, their gymnastics classes are different days and they may never see each other again. But they had a ton of fun, and got along splendidly for the class time. I don't think that kind of thing ever happened with the boys.

The kids were up kind of late again. I made sure that they had plenty of goof off time. And they did goof off. It is like they were sneaking cookies or something because Hansen and Lillie just seemed hopped up on sugar. Come to think of it, maybe they were...I was in the garage exercising from like 6:45 to 7:30 pm and Maren did make cookies. Hmm. I hope for the kids sake that they figure it out or they will never get to play Nintendo or have food after like 6:00 pm for as long as they live at my house. It is amazing how these things just turn perfectly good kids into monsters. Unless...they really are monsters and nothing can be done to avoid them from acting as such. Frightening.

Yesterday I totally defrosted the refrigerator and installed the new computer brain...the same one that the Sears Tech broke trying to install, then reordered and asked me to install it because it is so easy. Well, I was able to install it no problem. Lets hope this is the end of the refrigerator saga.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Volleyball game, calmer day, fridge stuff

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday ended up being a nice weather day for golfing in the early part of the day. I golfed 9 holes at Elk Run and played well. Nothing spectacular to report, but no bad shots either. I was so close to continuing on to 18 holes, but I would have been late for the hectic evening of kid activities...and I would have gotten rained on toward the end of the round. So good I quit when I did. The rain was pouring at 3:15 when Lillie and I went to the school to pick up the boys.

Preston's volleyball game was fun. What a mad house the school was. Grass lake had two girls teams and two boys teams. The visiting school (Sawyer Woods) brought two girls teams and one boys team. Preston's team won three games and lost the little half game. Then it was off to gymnastics and dance class. Today is much calmer. Lillie does have a make up gymnastics class today from when she missed class on Monday. Hansen has Taekwondo in the evening. I believe that is all. Hansen is excited because we just got the Sparring schedule, classes start in January, and he was invited to join the class.

Now they say it will snow on Saturday or Sunday. The forecasters don't really know what will happen around here...other than that there will be no sunshine.

We received the new parts for the refrigerator in the mail yesterday. The same problem has been happening so hopefully after I defrost the fridge and install the new computer, everything begins to work perfectly. Fixing the fridge and working on laundry are the tops of my chore list for today.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yea Helio, house track, painting

Good Morning, it is Wednesday.

We had a long day yesterday, but we survived no problem. Even stayed up late to see Helio win Dancing with the stars. I knew who won from looking online before Maren got home from work, but I had to keep my big mouth shut for most of the Finale show. Thankfully we have a Replay TV and started watching at 10:00 pm so we could skip all the lame dances from the likes of Mark Cuban and the other losers. Glad Helio won, he was my favorite this year.

Yesterday I did some painting and am now a good portion (maybe half way?) done with the entry way. Painting is slow going with a 20 foot extension pole, but far better than trying to do a 20 foot ladder with paint in one hand, roller in another, and being so freaked out that I can't move. How do you paint when you can't move? Exactly.

After we got home from Taekwondo, I let Hansen play a little Nintendo as a reward for doing much of his homework. I don't know what it is about video games, but when played after dinner, a 7 year old becomes wound up like a spring. During commercials of a Charlie Brown Christmas, I had to have Hansen run laps around the house track. Of course the laps turned out to be the most fun ever and Lillie joined in as well. Preston did not join in the lap running, but he did try to trip his sibs as they rounded the corner closest to his spot on the couch. No more Nintendo after dinner on a school night...please remind me if I forget. Before dinner great, all weekend long, no problem, after dinner on a school night...don't even think about it.

Today is a crazy day. The Ostergards will come over to play with Lillie and I may go golfing 9 holes. It is so cold, going to snow tonight, but if I don't golf today, when will I golf? Golfing in 35 degree mud is not the same as the golf my dad is playing in Florida. Hmf.

After school is Preston's first school volleyball game. I am looking forward to seeing the game. Then is straight to gymnastics, and dance class. Lots of hurry up and wait. My blog can almost make the kids seem over programed, but trust me, they are bored and not doing stuff a lot. Wednesdays are just the busy day. It always goes smoothly.

Have a good day, I am drinking coffee and typing quickly. I have found I really like strong Starbucks Coffee (bean form from Costco) with a good strong creamer. Go figure.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

all better.

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Well, the Puke Fest did not last long, nor did it spread. Hansen missed school, Maren missed work, but both were doing much better by mid day and are good to go today. Must have been something they ate that the rest of us avoided.

Yesterday was just a day to hang around the house and get well. I did some painting, the kids watched a movie or two, played Nintendo, and did artwork.

Maren is teaching a class tonight, so the day she gets back to work she will put in like a 14 hour day. I guess yesterday was her comp time, who knew. We will see her back home around 9:30 pm.

Hansen has Taekwondo tonight and I will pick up the pictures we have ordered for our Christmas Card. It is not all that great, but it will will see in a week or so.

Well, not much for today's post, just glad to be back to normal around here. See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

puke fest

I am posting a little earlier than normal because I just don't see any reason to even try to get back to sleep. Maren and Hansen both started puking their guts out at around 2:30am. Then they both went at it again about an hour later. I don't know if it something they ate, or something else. So far it is just them. Me, Preston and Lillie are doing just fine. Other than Lillie being sick for the last few days. Maren will not be going to work fact, I will be surprised if we see her up and about at all today. Preston is not sure where to go, sleeping in his room is not really happening, and the couch did not work for him either. I just did not even try to get back to sleep, because once I do, then Hansen will be sick again. Besides, I can't run the clothes washer and dryer in my sleep.

I really feel bad for Hansen. He puked all over his favorite Lego Catalogs and Bionicle magazines. He has probably read each one like 500 times on the school bus, at night, at school, whenever...they have been taped back together with packing tape several times, and tonight they all ended up in the garbage. Luckily we should be able to get new ones by calling customer service. I think he may try harder to make it to the bathroom next time rather than just barfing willy nilly in the future.

If Lillie wakes up healthy, she will get to go to gymnastics. We don't have any other extra plans scheduled for today. Looks like we just ended up with a 5th day of vacation. We did not even go to Church yesterday because Lillie was so croupy and congested...she was feeling fine, but she sounded bad in the morning.

Well, yesterday, before all of Pukeville came to visit, we had a nice day. The kids went to see the movie Enchanted with John and Carol (who I hope are not up puking like half of our family) and from all reports, the movie was excellent. Maren and I hung out at Fred Meyer Optical and bought Maren a pair of nice new glasses and contact lenses. We were only going in for glasses as our insurance is yearly, then she would get contact lenses in January, but they had a great contact lens sale and glasses sale and it made far more sense to get both now...she can just get another pair of glasses next year.

Well, see you tomorrow. Hope there is better news to report. Like I jumped on a plane and am now living in a resort in Cancun where everything is beautiful and...what is that buzzing? Dang, my alarm just went off, and I am not even sleeping.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Apple Cup let down---husky license plates

Good Morning, it is Sunday.

Well, a very close Apple Cup. But the Huskies lost. Dang. Maren's cousins and sister and other Coug fans were not too rough on me. Either that is because they don't know how to celebrate a win in the Apple Cup as it just does not happen often for them, or they don't want to push me over the edge...the one I am teetering on. Ouch is all I can say. It was a good game. Good thing me and the boys had our fun prior to the game. Stef parked her car with Cougar license plates in front of our house as her, Maren, Lillie,and Carol did a very small girls day (everyone else canceled, but that is a different story I don't know anything about). I made replica Husky license plates and we covered her Coug plates. Too bad it started to rain and kind of ruined the plates (along with the game)...but I took some good photos.

Hansen was invited to spend the night at a friends house, so again we postponed sleeping under the tree. That is just fine with me. My bed is so much more comfortable than the floor.

Today after Sunday School and Church, the kids are going to the movies with John and Carol. Maren and I will shop for new eye glasses for her, and maybe a haircut? I guess there are good mushroom burgers at Carl's Jr. we may try one out.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Tree & stuff, Apple Cup, Girls day

Good Morning, it is Saturday.

We got a lot done yesterday. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Our new/used Buffet in the dining room is covered in Christmas stuff. The Buffet set up in our living room, and the way we totally re-arranged our furniture when painting, actually makes our house look like adults may live here. Kind of nice. Kind of different. Lillie and Hansen put on most of the ornaments...for a while the tree was bare on the top, bare on the bottom, and there were so many ornaments in the middle that the kids could not find places for more. Luckily Maren fixed the proportions issue and spread the ornaments over the expanse of the tree...not that she did not get a couple of "Hey, I put that right there, why did you move it?" The tree looks excellent.

Usually the night we put up the Christmas tree, we all get our sleeping bags and sleep in the living room by the lights on the tree. It is fun for the first hour or two as the kids will tell us ridiculous stories, but we usually try to get the littles into their own beds. Well, we did not do this last night. Preston could not turn down an invitation to spend the night at a friends house, and Lillie is still recovering from being sick. She went to sleep about 13 hours ago and still sleeping. Hopefully when she wakes up, she will be all better. I think we will sleep under the tree tonight. I may just call the big couch. Oh yea, Maren finally got her first Egg Nog milk shake from McDonalds last night. We don't frequent McDonalds very much...maybe one time per month. But their Egg Nog milk shakes are very good. I hit the drive through when dropping Preston's stuff off at his friends house.

Last night I also finished our Christmas letter. This years letter will be a good one. But I don't think I will ever publish a better card than the Super Hero card from last year. Or even the reality show card from several years ago. I would tell you this year's theme, but that would take away the fun. Today I will try to take a decent picture of the kids for the card. Hopefully we will be ready to mail everything in a couple of weeks.

Today is the Apple Cup. When the U of W Husky football team beats the WSU Cougar football team no matter what the teams records for the year have been. This year should be a good game as both teams really kind of suck. It is kind of weird having the Apple Cup after has always been the Saturday before Thanksgiving....that kind of takes away from the betting. You see, Stef is usually supposed to be washing my car on Thanksgiving. My guess is that is a fairly common punishment for those Cougars. You should hear the jokes flying around. Like: How do you get a WSU Cougar off your front porch? Pay them for the Pizza. Ha Ha. GO HUSKIES.

Today is the annual before Christmas girls day for the Ostergard's and their cousins and friends. If you see a whole mob of adult girls at the Super Mall taking over the smelly stores and the coffee shops, you now know who they are. In the past they have goon to Westlake Mall, but there are enough in the south end that they are trying a new venue. They may not be moving as fast this year as they have a couple of pregnant girls in the mix, but they will probably be just as loud. Stay clear from the Super Mall this afternoon if you know what is good for you!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday, Thanksgiving

Good Morning. Happy Black Friday. I am already home from shopping.

There were only two things I wanted from the Black Friday sales. One may have been for Hansen and the other may have been for Preston and Santa may know all about my purchases. My first stop at 6:00 am was Target. The largest parking lot I know was all ready filled up by 5:45am. The line went for like 1/4 of a mile. I was at the end of the line. And it was 29 degrees. Every other store in the area was the same story. On the road it was like a mass the retail centers. Lots of nutty folks, glad to join them. Luckily I did not need a cart for my one purchase, I was able to get in, dodge the carts like a NFL running back, grab my item, and go pay. I was out of Target by 6:15 am. There were three cars fighting over my parking spot...the farthest one out in the lot. My next stop was not until 7:00, so I went to look at GI Joes for 20 minutes, got gas for Maren's car (I took her car because I did not want to scrape ice) then got in line at McLendons. Like there is ever a line at McLendons...what a joke. Well there was a long line this morning. I did the same as at Target, got in, got out. Yay. Then back home to see how sick little Lillie is doing.

Thanksgiving was very nice. Good dinner, good gathering. Just as planned. Except Lillie was still sick. Luckily for Lillie her auntie Stefanie was perfectly happy letting her hangout and nap on her lap for most of the evening. The boys had a great time. Hansen only freaked a little when he realized he had to eat at the kids table...he thought he should be with the adults. He got over it about 5 minutes after he should have, but it worked out just fine. Luckily I did not have to sit at the middle age boy table, that was a pathetic place. I sent Annie there instead so I could stay with Maren. Phew. When it was finally time to leave, Hansen did not want to go. I think Preston was ready to leave just to take a break from his biggest fan, Miles. Two year old Miles really thinks Preston is the best thing ever. Miles either talks about Preston or to Preston for most of the evening. It is very cute, and Preston does a good job with the attention.

Because Lillie is still sick we will not go to the parade. Instead I have to get off the computer NOW to set up the Tree. Maren and Lillie are already deep into the Nativity Scenes and other decorations. Lillie's last words just now were "You have to LOOK AT THIS, it is SO AWESOME. Yes, she is talking about some little Christmas ornament or something.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving plans

Good Morning, Happy Thanksgiving!

How old do the kids have to be before you are allowed to have a Thanksgiving day where you were not up half the night with a sick kid? It is not the Turkey that makes you sleep (well, maybe if you eat enough, it is), it is that you just have not slept in a day and a half. The last few years it has been Hansen. Ear infections would hit him hard every Thanksgiving, ear tubes have helped Hansen in a big way. Last night it was Lillie, not able to sleep (up like 5 times), and when Lillie can't sleep, can't no body sleep...except for Hansen and Preston who can sleep through anything. So as of now Lillie is feeling betterish. Has Tylenol on board, sitting upright on the couch so she is not so congested and watching the Garfield movie on the TV. I will be surprised if she is not just perfect later at the Ostergards.

Later at the Ostergards is a perfect transition to what are plans are today. I will tell you, and tomorrow we will see if they actually happened.

We plan on going to the Ostergards house at around Noon. In attendance will be John and Carol, Stef, Our 5, Maren's cousins Amy and her husband and kid, Maren's cousin Anne and her family of 5, and Carol's sister Sue (mom of the cousins). There will be enough kids there to warrant a kid table. How cool is that.

Yesterday I phone call from my brother Eric. He sounds like he is doing good. I think I will try to bring him some Turkey after dinner as his house is not too far from the Ostergard's house. He sounded not so sure if he wanted me to find and visit him, but he sounded like he would not mind some good Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday I helped my neighbor Mark for an hour or so fix his garage door. A young driver in the family happened to drive the family van into the garage door. We were able to get it functioning and looking decent...he may still need to replace the door, but it is working for now, just looks a little trashy from up close. In the next 5 years this neighborhood will change from young teens and pre teens walking, shooting hoops, playing football, and just hanging out to a very large group of drivers. Yikes.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving, see you tomorrow,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

broken part, Christmas boxes

Good Morning,

Well, there is a lot to talk about. I will get typing.

I will start with the Sears Refrigerator repair man. Well, The guy who came to install the part was the original guy (who could not find where the part went...remember?). I did not really mind because I figured I would show him the part, he would recognize it as the one he could not find, show him where it goes, and he would just replace it. But no. Everything went as planned until he decided to leave on a bracket which should have come off to give the necessary room to replace the part. And you guessed it...he broke the new part! He broke it! The second $172.00 part that has been ordered that we have waited forever for, that I did not install because I was worried about defaulting the warranty even though I could install it properly with my eyes closed. He broke the $%^&ing part. Well, the part is a big electrical circuit board with electronic things everywhere, now one of the electronic blubbies is only hanging on the board by a wire (and one side is broken) the refrigerator seems to be working. He ordered a new part for me (third part...1st he sent back because he thought it was the wrong part, 2nd he broke, third will be the charm) and he told me that it is very easy to change and when the new part comes in, I should just change it. I was laughing because it is so funny that a trained technician can't get this part installed, yet he tells me it is easy and I should have no trouble...well I will have no trouble, you actually have to try to screw up! Can you believe it! This guy has, if you believe the receipts, spent almost $1500.00 on parts and labor (billed to sears as this is warranty work) to end up asking me to install the part (the 3rd one) when it comes in in a week. We purchased the fridge for $850 on clearance sale from the outlet store. I really hope I am not the normal client for this guy, maybe me watching him work puts too much stress on him...who knows. Could not even make this story up.

Enough on that...Yesterday the boys had their eye check ups. Preston's eyes are still perfect. Hansen's eyes are good, but starting to get a bit worse. Dr. Kosnoski said that he could be fitted for the lowest level of prescribed glasses, but he would not recommend it at this time...but maybe when he hits his next big growth spurt, he may need the glasses. So all good for now.

I brought down the boxes (like 4 big boxes) of Christmas stuff from the storage area in the garage. Lillie and Maren are having a great time with all the stuff. Maren is beside herself with having a perfect little partner in crime in Lillie. Lillie oohhs and aahhs over everything and nothing is too small or frivolous for full attention. And she notices everything...for example, Maren replaced the blue candles on the table with orange candles before Halloween, and Lillie was the only one of us to notice, she was going ga ga over orange candles. We have been watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music and shaking Christmas snow globes and on and on and on. We will go to the Macy's Parade in Seattle the day after Thanksgiving, then put up a tree...Maren and Lillie will spend hours looking at each ornament and drink hot chocolate and have a wonderful time. Hansen will get in to the spirit no problem, but Preston will probably sit on the couch and play his PSP. I will fill you in more when the fun actually happens. My job will be a little less glamorous, I will wake up at 5:00 am the day after Thanksgiving, go to Target and buy all of our Christmas gifts for the boys along with throngs of other zombies. Then drive the fam to Seattle for a freezing parade with thousands of other folks. Then wrestle with the new artificial tree (we went artificial last year after 13 years of cut trees) because we can keep the tree up longer, and it is cheaper, safer, and actually the fake tree looks better. Bah Humbug. You see, it really is a great thing that Maren and Lillie have each other.

We can't forget that we actually have Thanksgiving to get though. Yesterday Lillie had her Preschool Feast. Her preschool had cute paper outfits for the kids...Lillie had a little white paper bonnet. We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie. It is still great. I just wish Charlie Brown would get to kick the football. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I will same some details for then, besides my fingers are getting tired from typing and you are getting tired from reading...see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

don't remember

Good Morning,

Yesterday in the middle of the day, something cool happened and I thought I should write it down so I remember it for my blog. Well, I did not write anything down, and I do not remember anything. I know something cool happened yesterday, I just can't remember. Doh. Looking around the house and wondering does not seem to be helping. Oh well. Moving on.

Today is a busy day. Preston leaves for school early for Volleyball practice. He is one of the select few 5th graders that gets to play on the 6th grade volleyball team. Lucky for him Andrew is able to give him a ride to school. The one bummer thing for Preston is that he lives far from his school, and he has little siblings, so for early morning stuff, he usually needs to find a ride.

Lillie has speech class during the day. Then she has Preschool. Today is her Thanksgiving party at school. Then we pick up the boys and take them to their eye checkups. Their eye doctor is Ed Kosnoski Jr. who I went to highschool with. How weird is that? That stuff happens when you never move. Then it is off to Taekwondo and hopefully we will not be too late, but I suspect we will miss about half the class.

Also today, the refrigerator repairman is back. We have the part (again) and a more skilled technician will install it. Then our fridge should be perfect. It has been working fine of late, I just need to defrost the elements for 15 minutes every week. It will be nice to have it work perfectly. My only hope is that the repair man can make it to our house at a time we are home...otherwise I may be installing the part myself.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Seahawk game, Jewelry party

Good Morning,

Today, I could have slept longer. I am sure you could have too. Dark, wet, Monday morning.

I had a great time at the Seahawk's game yesterday. Kraig and I found parking about a half mile from the stadium for only $10.00. They were actually changing the sign to $15 as we pulled in, but I said they just changed the sign, let me park for $10. please...and they did, so that was cool. Our seats were in the very front row on in the corner of the end zone where the visiting team enters and leaves the field. A lot of people really enjoyed similar seats to yell as loud as they could at the Bears about how much they suck. What amazing show a NFL football game is. Camera men everywhere, people everywhere, cheerleaders just to the side of our seats. The football players look so much bigger and faster in real life when up close. Some of those guys are huge...and so fast. The fans are so loud and rowdy. Talk about a different crowd than at a Baseball game. Fans were looking for fights. One way to get into a fight is to wear the opposing team jersey to a Seahawks game. Lots of Bear fans getting picked on. There was no trouble other than friendly razzing, but if a Bear Jersey wanted to pick a fight, there were plenty of drunk guys happy to fight...and if the Seahawks would have lost, I am sure that number would have gone way up. The stadium gets very very loud. In the second half when the Bears had the ball, you could not even hear yourself think. It was very cool. The Seahawks played a good game and won. It was a little rough at first as we were loosing early, but they came back and won in good fashion. We got to give high fives to the cheerleaders on their way off the field. The football game was a blast, thank to Amy for the tickets.

Maren and the kids had a good time at the Jewelry party. As it turned out, Hansen was more excited to get stuff than Lillie. He got a baseball necklace and a skeleton pin. Bed time was a little rough as the kids had a free-for-all weekend with their cousins and getting back to order for bed time was not necessarily top on their list. The kids (especially Hansen and Lillie) really enjoyed hanging out with Alex and Claire. According to reports, I guess Miles has befriended Preston. Preston has a big fan in a cute little 2 year old.

Today we have a couple of school friends coming over from 7:30 am to 8:30 am (when they go to the bus). It may turn into a regular sitting thing if all goes well.

Today Lillie has gymnastics, and that is about it. Should be a calm day.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hansen's vacation

Good Morning,

I am the first one up today. The coffee pot just went off. I say it went off because when it starts to grind the beans, it sounds like a jet airplane getting ready for take off.

Hansen had a good time on his vacation to Nana's house with his cousin Alex. We went to pick him up in the evening and Anne was there with the other cousins Miles and Claire. Claire is a couple of years older than Lillie, but they get along splendidly. Preston is the only one without a cohort, but he played his PSP for awhile, then directed the littles on how to get in as much trouble as possible without actually getting in trouble. Miles is a very cute 2 year old. He is very Hansen like as a two year old. Says "thank you" to everything, and has learned a few choice sayings from his older brother and sister. He just goes and goes.

Today after Sunday School and Gleaning, Maren is taking the kids to Nana's again to see the same cousins while the adult girls have a jewelry party. I was going to watch the kids until a better offer came along. Cousin Amy was looking to find someone to go to the Seahawks game today with Craig to see the Seahawks play the Bears. The tickets are season tickets in section 119, row A. That means if the players want to they can give us High Fives from the field. That is like front row. I have never even been inside the new Seahawk Stadium, but today I get to go inside in style. How cool is that. Thank you Amy. Lets hope the Seahawks can slam da Bears and keep the Mike meter in the cool zone.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toothbrush mix up

Good Morning,

I have not blogged this late in a long time. Slept in till 8:30 am, wow. Now it is 9:40 and we are trying to be kind of quite because Preston and his friend Alec are still sleeping on the couches. I think they were up until about 2:30 am watching Naruto and playing Nintendo.

Funny story about the exchange of kids. At the time Alec was arriving, Alex was also arriving. You see Hansen and Cousin Alex spent the night at Carols house but everyone gathered here first. I thought Alec's toothbrush belonged to Alex and gave the tooth brush to Alex's dad who believed me that it belonged to Alex. So about 11:00pm when Preston and Alec were going to brush their teeth, Alec could not find his tooth brush. Turns out I gave it away. Luckily I called Alex's dad and we will get the tooth brush back tonight. It happens to be an expensive sonicare style tooth brush so it does need to be accounted for. My bad. We ended up giving both Alex and Alec new tooth brushes out of our tooth brush stock.

Maren slept in until 9:30 am. I thought she could make it till 10:00, but I guess not. I guess her waking up at 6:00 am everyday makes 9:30 seem quite late. Last night she said that she was not waking up all day. I think 15 years ago she could have slept in till noon?

Lillie is whining because I won't let her wake up Preston and Alec...I will give them until 10:00, then she is free to wake them up in any way she wants. Good luck to them.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

back to painting

Good Morning,

I think I will get back to painting today. I have to do the stairway, up to the ceilings. I have a very long extension pole and edger tools that I used on the rest of the rooms. With any luck I can do the job without a huge ladder. I can see it [the painting] will take a much longer time with the extension pole as just putting paint on the pad or roller will take time. I won't expect much.

Lillie has pre-school. The boys have their last day of half days. No sports tonight.

Hansen is spending the night at his Nana's house along with his cousin Alex. They get along great and should have a great time. Hansen says he is leaving today for vacation (as I just went on vacation) and we will see him again on Saturday evening.

We still have a couple of net flix movies from last weekend that the kids enjoyed, but I have not seen, so we may watch them again. One is Meet the Robinsons, the other is Men in Black 2. I think Hansen and Alex are going to be treated to Shrek the 3rd.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hansen's moto, school conferences

Good Morning,

Wednesday went much smoother without Taekwondo. Dance class [for Lillie] and gymnastics [for Preston] was plenty, but no hurry.

My good story for yesterday is: Hansen and I were playing Pictochat on our game boys while Lillie was in Dance Class. Pictochat is kind of like wireless texting between game boys. We were resetting Hansen's game boy so it did not say it was property of Preston and it asked a couple questions. Name, birthday, and favorite saying. I was not even going to do the saying part, but I decided to ask Hansen what his favorite saying is, and he thought for a second and said "Keep moving Forward." Apparently he got it from a movie The Robinsons? that he watched. Anyway, the fact that he knew what a "saying" was was amazing to me, then to choose one that is Perfect for him, I was amazed. Keep moving forward.

I golfed 9 holes yesterday. All my lay up shots (2 off the tee) were perfect. I missed the hole on a par 3 by less than a foot! Otherwise just a ho hum 9.

The boy's conferences went well. I had a good talk with Preston's teacher. I am not impressed with the whole math curriculum and how it is being taught and graded. Not sure the Kent School District is doing HC kids justice. I will have to see if other parents are thinking the same way. Hansen is doing great...he just keeps moving forward.

See you tomorrow

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

book fair, taekwondo, conferences

Good Morning,

Yesterday went smooth. After being in Florida, the weather was very cold and dreary...and it was a nice day for our PNW standards.

I took the boys to the book fair at their school and they got to choose books to buy. Preston found a book, Hansen two, and we found a couple of books for Lillie, who was at Preschool. The book fairs should be a great time, looking at books, buying books, books, books books...should be a great time. But the book fairs have an element of evil to them in the guise of books that are not books. There are so many bug catchers with a instructional manual, or magnet sets with a pamphlet that explains magnets, or Toy cars with a manual. The toys disguised as books drive me batty. Not only are they not books, but they are freaking expensive. And if telling Hansen 27 times that No, that is not a book, if you want a toy you need to buy it yourself...oh yeah, you spent your allowance, better choose a BOOK from the book, that is a pen, that is not a book. Well, we did only buy books, and we found good ones too. Hansen's books were a Bionicle book and a some other similar book. Lego has done it right, they make chapter books that tell stories about the characters that they also sell in Lego form (just not at book fairs). Hansen now can read chapter books about the guys he builds. Preston found a book on Runescape...kind of similar, a book about a computer game, but in book form. Lillie got a Barbie fairies book and one on the Power puff girls. Hansen and Preston did have enough of their own money to buy a few bookmarks for themselves.

Hansen enjoyed his now Taekwondo class. He is now the lowest belt, but this is good. There were a couple of Black Belts, a few Red Belts, and a couple of Brown belts, and Hansen was the only Green Belt. Hansen got to see some good speed and control that he would not see in his lower class. Also the kids are far more self disciplined so the teacher does not need to cover as much of the little stuff, it is good for Hansen to see kids just doing what they need to do. All the kids in the class actually go to the same school as Hansen, but are more in Preston's age group.

Today I have parent/teacher conferences with the boy's teachers. The boys did excellent as usual. We do have issue with Preston's teacher who gave him low marks in Math. If it was a different subject it may be able to it turns out many kids in the class got low marks and the teacher says it is because of the new book, but that is ridiculous. He should have just given appropriate grades on his own. You just don't give a whole class of Highly Capable kids low marks on math unless you want to upset every parent and always be remembered by an elite group of kids as a total Schmuck...which may have just happened. Preston's teacher may have gone down as his favorite if it was not for low marks with no warning in there will always be an asterisk next to his name. The math grades caught Preston and several of his friends (and their parents, who would make sure the kids are understanding if there was any communication that the kids were struggling) totally off guard. Everything else was were it should be.

I have not decided if i will golf or paint today. I would not say I am golfed out from my trip to Florida, but I will say that it seems awfully cold to golf so soon on the heels on my trip to Florida. I think I will go golfing, I can paint anytime. My dad's long time golf rules are 1. (I don't remember exact words as it has been awhile since I have heard them...but I am sure they are still true) You can never get back a round of golf that you missed, and it [the missed round of golf] may have been your best/last/who knows, just don't miss it because you can't get it back. And 2. There is nothing worse than a bad lay up shot...which I did hear in Florida as I pulled a simple lay up shot into the crap. I usually try extra hard on lay up shots, I just thought that one in Florida was automatic. My golf rule, which I also heard in Florida, is that if you have never gotten a hole in one, and you have been golfing for many years on a regular basis and are a very good golfer (does this describe my dad?) you should actually aim at the hole on every par three because you might just hit the ball where you are aiming. So anyhow, I think I will go golfing today, aim at the hole on ever par 3, and not mess up any lay up shots.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Florida vacation

Good Morning, I am back in Covington.

I had a great visit to Hollywood Florida. The schedule from the last post was followed about perfectly. Before I started to write this post, I looked at the comments from last post, and Sussas post made me laugh out loud (which is not so common at 6:00am) because it was so true! She said "It sounds like you will be the rock star of the geriatric crowd"...and I was. Well, I was not really a rock star, and all the 80+ relatives and church friends all looked very healthy and happy.

I golfed at my Dad's home golf club. One 18 on Friday (we finished 14 holes before dark) and 18 holes on Sunday (two different courses, each 18 holes). Very nice golf courses, and very nice people. Huge facility, very nice...very different than most facilities around the Seattle area. Everyone was telling me how great my dad is, a great marshal, and a great golfer, and a great guy. It was a very good time. I actually golfed a good combination of very very well, and very not well, but at the end of the day, my scores were good enough to keep the Slane trophy (there is no trophy, just bragging rights)

I got to visit with my Grandpa Sandler and Grandma Bernice as well as meet Grandpa Sandler's sister Great Aunt Ruth for lunch on Saturday. If I had met Great Aunt Ruth, I did not remember her, and I am sure I would have remembered her if I had met her at an age where my memory worked. She was great. She said that it was no difference if I called her Great Aunt Ruth, or Great Grand Aunt Ruth or Grand Aunt Ruth but I may as well call her just Great Aunt Ruth because she is Great! And she is great. Grandpa Sandler and Grandma Bernice are also Great, and it was super to get to hang out with them for lunch. The next morning I got to visit with my Grandma Toby for breakfast. Grandma Toby also looked great, we had a nice visit and it was great to see her. I had made tons of copies of pictures of the kids for the visit. Everyone got to go through the pictures and keep as many as they wanted...seemed to work out perfect. I really should have taken a picture of Bernice and Ruth looking at the pictures I had brought, the pictures were spread all over the table and they were seeing if they already had one or not and it was fun.

We also went to First Baptist Church, the church I grew up in and mom is now a regular. There were quite a few very nice old ladies who came up to me and told me how they remember me when I was just a baby and young child. They would all say "welcome home!, so glad you came home!" They all told me how excited my mom was to have me visit, they all told me how great my mom is and how nice it is to have her back. The mural my mom painted on the nursery doors 35 years ago is still there! I do remember the church, the doors, the pews. We also got to see the Apartment where my parents lived when first married, and where I was born, as well as our first and second houses and my elementary school. Everything is so close together and my parent's current home seems centrally located. We also walked on Hollywood Beach which is also just a few miles from their home. Everything is so different than Covington WA. Everything is Palm Trees, stucco buildings, warm weather, sunny. Hollywood is a great place, and it is very clear by my parent's friends and family that they [my parents] are exactly where they should be.

Maren and the kids were happy to have me back. Lillie was stuck to my leg for probably an hour. I brought them some touristy gifts. An Alligator (Hansen got the Shark, Lillie the Dolphin, Preston the Gator) pincher and a Hollywood Beach shirt/ sweatshirt for each kid. Maren got a Sweatshirt and a magnet...she said she was just happy that I came home, figuring life in my parent's guest room in Hollywood Florida without the kids and the stuff just might sound too good to come home from. I never even thought of not coming home...could that have actually worked? It would have been a good life. Things were back to normal pretty quickly, Hansen's Shark toy needed to be duct taped back together due to accidental breakage and we watched Sponge Bob Atlantis on TV.

The plane rides on the way to Florida were long, cold, and dark. The ride home was also long, but very beautiful. Leaving Hollywood airport we took off over the ocean, turned around to fly back over Ft Laurderdale, then up into and above amazing clouds. Landing in Seattle it was just getting dark and we flew kind of over my house, then down through clouds and came out just over Seahawk stadium where Monday night Football was just getting under way. The lights of Seattle looked very cool.

Well, Maren is off to work, and I have a full day with the kids. I had a great vacation.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

long day, golfed, leaving on vacation

Good Morning,

Yesterday Maren had a very long day. From being at work extra early for a meeting, to working very late teaching a class. She has accrued enough comp time in the last couple of weeks to work a short day today, and take tomorrow off completely without taking vacation. Since I will not be here tomorrow, she saved herself some vacation time.

Yesterday worked out good for me and the kids. Carol came out and watched Lillie. I went golfing at Elk Run. The guy I was going to meet up with never showed up, so I joined a couple of older guys who were very fun to golf with. My game was identical to last weeks. I used the same score card and with exception for two holes, had the same score on every hole. Shot a 72. One under on the front, two over on the back. The back is easier than the front, I just made a few bad shots.

Hansen learned yesterday that he gets to move to the advanced class in Taekwondo. The class meets on Tue and Thur rather than his current Mon and Wed. This is good for him as he will now be with some very advanced kids. Good for the family as Preston's soccer just ended and now we have Tue and Thurs empty and this will take some pressure off of Wednesdays. Yesterday Lillie was late to dance class because in my getting all the kids ready for their individual activities, I forgot to pack her dance shoes and we had to run home to get them after dropping Hansen off at Taekwondo. Since that was the worst thing, everything worked out fine.

This is my last blog for a few days. I will be taking a red eye flight to Florida to visit my parents and grandparents for a few days. Maren and the kids will do fine without me for a few day. Friday is a half day and Monday is no school. Lillie and Preston have birthday parties to attend and Lillie may be cranky at bed time, but they will make it fine. Here is the schedule my mom has made for me:

Friday, Nov. 9:

Plane arrives 11:35AM - meet at closest place we can get to the gate
Come home, eat lunch
Dad and Julian go to Jacaranda and play 18 holes or till dark
Come home, eat dinner
After dinner, look at scrapbooks, old schoolwork and notes, Amber's video, our video

Saturday, Nov. 10:

Wake up, blog, eat breakfast (what do you like for breakfast?)
Pick up Aunt Ruth in Deerfield Beach
Grampa and Bernice coming between 12 and 12:30PM - eat lunch
Take Aunt Ruth home
Take a ride around Hollywood - hospital where born, Mayo St. house, Pershing St. house, Driftwood Elementary, Hollywood Beach
Go out to dinner

Sunday, Nov. 11

Mom and Julian meet Gr. Toby at Bagel Cove inside door at 8:30AM
Come home, Dad and Julian go to Jacaranda and play golf
Come home, eat dinner if time before church, otherwise afterwards, unless we decide not to go to church

Monday, Nov. 12

Dad take Julian to airport, get to work late
Julian's plane departs 10:50AM

Looks like a good trip to me. I have not been to Florida in probably 15 years. Maren and I were there years ago after a Caribbean Cruise. It would be nice to take the whole family (lets face it, my grandparents would probably rather see my kids and my wife than see me...but who wouldn't? They are each better looking, nicer, and more interesting...but nener nener, I get to go on this trip), but the cost is prohibitivitly expensive. This trip today is just airfare (and my parents split it with me-thanks) no room and board or anything as I will stay with my parents. If the whole family came along we would need a hotel, a van, tickets to Disney World, airfare for 5, and so on and so on...I figure that would be about $6000 for a two week vacation. That $$$ is about as much as we budget for a whole year for food, clothing, and you know, living. Maybe some day it will be a possibility, but not now.

See you Tuesday...unless I blog from Florida.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Costco, jazz shorts

Good Morning,

Yesterday I took Lillie with me for a smallish Costco trip. We saw a few folks we know from Lillie's pre-school. We ended up having lunch (Costco hot dog style) with a boy and his mom from Lillie's Friday class this year, and her class last year. Costco is ready for Christmas, let me tell you. Several isles of Christmas stuff. It is clear that Lillie has inherited her mom's love of holidays and holiday stuff. There are isles of small sparkly figures and isles of larger stuff. We walked through the isles and Lillie just was like a kid at Disneyland. "Look at that Nutcracker! Look, a Girl Nutcracker, no way!", " look at that amazing snow globe or _____". After a minute I only hear like Snoopy in the holiday cartoons hears humans, "wa wa wa wa wa". I don't think these isles at Costco were really put there for boy shoppers. And it is not just the decorations, you should see the toy isles. Jam packed of huge toys. Barbie guitar jam stations, Dora doll houses, Porcelain Barbie Princess, you name it. Even Hansen would have had to be taken away kicking and screaming. The one good thing about the toy section at Costco is that the items are so big, that Lillie understands that she just can't afford them with her allowance (which she spent the day she received it anyway) and she did not whine even one time about not buying anything, she just enjoyed looking at all the stuff. I think she already has a good grasp on budgeting.

Today Carol will come out and watch Lillie and I will head off to the golf course to try to learn how to golf well enough to beat my dad when I see him on Friday. It is supposed to rain today, or maybe not...the forecasters don't have a clue. I guess I will just be prepared.

Maren had to go into work early for a 7:30 meeting, and she teaches a class this evening, so we will not see her until around bed time. Hansen has Taekwondo, Lillie has dance class, and Preston has gymnastics. After golfing, I will have a few minutes of relax time, then back to business. Lillie's dance class is Ballet/jazz. It is funny because the class wears pink leotards with pink tights for the ballet part, then they have to bring their black jazz shorts that they put on half way through class to begin the jazz stuff. It works great for them, they know when they are doing ballet and jazz by their shorts. Basketball sign ups are just past. No basketball for our family this season. Preston has decided to stay with gymnastics over the winter, Hansen will stay with Taekwondo, and Lillie will stick with Dance. Although she thinks she may be ready to try soccer again. Although Wednesday evenings are so busy, it is kind of nice to get all those activities done on one day. We actually have Tuesdays and Thursdays free of evening activities so the kids have plenty of time for homework or just annoying each other and their parents.

See you tomorrow.

PS. I just spell checked today's entry...more spelling errors than ever. The page was glowing yellow. Hansen spells kind of like I do. His pre-test spelling test have nearly as many wrong words as correct. I must admidt that he does actually learn the words during the week and always does well at the end of the week. That may be a step up from where I was as a second grader.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Veteran's day, WWII memorial registry

Good Morning.

I have spent some time this morning gathering information on my Grandpa Sandler (who lives in Florida), and Maren's dad [John], as the boys' school is gathering information for a Veteran's day Assembly on Friday. I will not be at the assembly this year as I will be in Florida visiting my parents, as well as my Grandparents. The school does a very nice assembly honoring all the Veterans who are relatives of the school kids.

Here is a link to see my Grandpa Sandler's page on

Yesterday was a fun day. Lillie was very excited to have a friend (named Lily) come play at our house after lunch. The Lillian's get along well. I video taped them for a few minutes jumping on the couch having a great time. I have got to get that video cord to upload videos.

Lillie was the only one in her gymnastics class yesterday. She is generally a teacher favorite and had good class. You are always the line leader when your the only student! Hansen had a good Taekwondo class. He is in a beginners class still, but he is moving up the ranks quick. Of the 15 or so kids in the class, Hansen was the third highest ranking student. It is fun for him to be a high ranking student because he still remembers [and talks about] when he just started and the high ranking students were so it is him that is good. He will probably go into a more advanced class in a few months, but it is good to be one of the more senior belts in the beginner class for a while. Hansen has a Green Belt.

Today is voting day. There are some important items on the ballot today. Get out and Vote. I will vote during the day and Maren will vote on the way home from work.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 05, 2007


It is starting to get a little light outside.

Yesterday I watched the first half of the Seahawks game as well as the first half of the Colts/Pats game. I got bored of TV and decided to run some errands. Got back to find out that both games were great finishes. Next time I will have to just watch the second halfs. Instead I bought paint supplies and changed car oil.

I brought Lillie and Hansen to Sunday School. We did not stay for the service, but we did enjoy Sunday School. When we got home we had lunch, picked up Maren and Preston and went shopping. Target has all Halloween stuff at 75% off. We bought Lillie and Hansen's Halloween costumes for next year as long as other fun stuff.

The kids get a monthly allowance on the 5 th of each month. Preston saves his, Lillie and Hansen spend it all ASAP. Since there was no chance of shopping the rest of this week, I gave them an advance yesterday and they spent it all at Target. Hansen bought a Mars Mission Lego ship set, and Lillie bought Barbie Princess Fairies. No surprise there. Preston will take the cash and save it for a while, then eventually buy an expensive PlayStation game. He does a good job of waiting until the local EB games gets used copies. Yesterday we looked there and they only had a new version of the game he wants for $39.00, but he decided it was too much. When they get used games in they are usually about $10.00 less. It is not like Preston does not have a ton of Naruto games...he is just wanting one for the PSP.

Today Lillie has gymnastics, and Hansen has Taekwondo.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Visitors from Vasa, last soccer game

Sunday Morning. It is light outside and 7:30 am. Thanks only to the end of Daylight savings. This evening at 5:30 pm when it is dark, I will not be so happy about the clock change.

Yesterday Maren's parents brought over a couple of young girls visiting from Vasa, Sweden? They are sisters visiting the states, and visiting distant relatives, for about 8 days. One is 16 and her sister is 28? They were very nice. They speak English so well that we did not even have to adjust our vocabulary or speed for them to understand us clearly. They will be staying with John and Carol for a about a week, then going to Centraillia area to see other relatives. I am not sure their time with us was as "hip" as they would have liked a visit to the states to be...we took them to see part of Preston's soccer game and Julefest at the church. I am sure they will get to the mall another time or two, and eat at Red Robin or someplace similar. Regardless, I am sure they are having a fun time.

Yesterday was Preston's last soccer game. They lost their first game. The team played them very tough. This was the first time they played a team that was about equal in skill, but maybe better at teamwork,knowing their positions, and matching the position with the kid than our team. Anyhow, the Cougars, yes Preston's soccer team is the Cougars. Being a Husky, I automatically hate Cougars, but I have softened some, still took 1st in the league and had a very good season. I ate too much pizza at the banquet. Is it possible to eat too much pizza? Maybe I did not eat too much pizza.

Preston is at a friend's house as he spent the night last night. I will probably take L and H to Sunday school, but we may not stay for the service as Maren and Preston will not be there. Maren is feeling a little sick, besides someone has to be home for Preston. He probably stayed up until about 4 this morning watching movies and playing games. Hansen had a friend over until 9 pm last night playing Nintendo. Lillie watched them some and whined some, she probably should have gone to bed earlier, but we let her stay up and be misserable. She did enjoy watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving on the VCR.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

busy day

Good Morning.

Yesterday ended up to be a busy day. Hansen had a friend visit in the morning. I taught a golf lesson while Lillie was in school. The boys came with me and each hit a large bucket of range balls before playing their Nintendo game boys and waiting for me to finish. Preston went to a friends house for the early afternoon and evening, Lillie had dance class, and Hansen got to go to a friends house for movie night. Not overly busy for any of the kids individually, just me. I was the chauffeur. On the chauffeur front, Hansen has actually decided that he likes to ride in the third row of the van because in limousines, the important people ride in the very it should be with him.

Today is another relatively busy day. We have Preston's last soccer game and his year end banquet a few hours later. While Preston is playing his game, Maren and the others will walk across the parking lot to our church. The church is holding a Yule fest bazaar. Hansen and Lillie will really enjoy the bazaar, I think I will stay at the soccer game. The others that Maren will be with are not just Hansen and Lillie. Maren's parents have a couple of visitors from Sweden for the week. John, Carol and the visitors are coming to the game/bazaar. My guess is that John will stay at the game and the visitors (youngish girls?) will go to the bazaar with Maren, Carol and the kids. I will have to go to the bazaar for a few minutes to load up some good eats.

After the game is our day to glean, we do a pick up every two weeks as part of a local gleaning group/ food bank. In return we enjoy bread and others good for free. Usually it takes an hour or so every couple of weeks. It is a cool money saving thing.

Then off to the local Pizzeria for Preston's soccer banquet. Preston had a good soccer season. His team has got a bunch of good kids and they had a good season. They will hold first place in the league regardless of today's outcome.

We get an extra hour of sleep tonight, yea.

The refrigerator is still working fine, we should know if there are frost issues in another day. The part the repairman thought was the wrong part because he could not figure out where it went, goes just under the front right door. I was looking to see if any water was collecting in the drip pan, and right there is the part he could not find. Skilled technician he was not!

Friday, November 02, 2007

refrigerator, 24-7 Christmas music, Devin update

Good Morning. I just did not feel like getting up this morning. I got up about 45 minutes later than usual. Maren was like "na na I got up first", and I am still just like "ugh". My lack of zest could be linked to the place I missed on my last haircut that is back left and sticking straight up making me look like Who from Whoville in Jim Carey's Grinch Stole Christmas. But it is not, I am actually quite used to crummy hair, crummy hair mixed with no hair to be truthfull. It is actually the stupid refrigerator repair man that has still got me a going a little. Of the parts he ordered for the fridge, the main one was the wrong part. He changed out a couple of sensors, but the sensors were not the problem. The stupid fridge does not know to defrost itself and needs a new brain. Then he told me that he searched a long time for the correct part, so it must not be available yet. But he said I have options if the fridge does not work correctly, you see according to him I can make an appointment either by Internet or you see I have options. I asked him if he honestly thougth the fridge would work and he said he hopes so, then I said "off the record, should I return it, or keep calling", and he is like "I don't do favors-you have options", and I started to go off on him and said that I did not want any favors I only wanted the Truth, (he was not full of Truthiness-as coined by Colbert) he only says that we have discussed our options, good day! He wins the prize for grand dork of the day. We may have to return this refrigerator and get a new one, how frustrating.

On a happier note, mainly for Maren-and the Grinch thing earlier is a good segway, there are a couple of stations on the XM radio that are now playing 24 hours a day Christmas music. If there were any workers at those XM radio stations that tried to stand up and say that no one would listen to a 24/7 Christmas song station in November, their votes were properly vetoed, Maren is one of probably many counting the days to November when you can listen to Christmas songs 24/7.

The boys do not have school today. Lillie does have school. Lillie also has dance class this evening due to the class on Halloween being rescheduled. Hansen is excited to have movie night with his friend Devin (the bicycle - car crash victim last week) who is home from the hospital with a broken femur. He is lucky he was properly wearing his helmet, and only his leg is broken. Bad break, poor kid, he has plates in his leg and can not put weight on the leg for like two months. No cast, it is all inside, then in several months he has to go in for surgery again to get the plates removed. For now he is in a wheel chair as a walker is taxing for long periods of time for an 8 year old. Turns out the lady who hit Devin is a lady in her 50's who was driving perfectly and Devin just blitzed out in front of her. I guess she calls to see how Devin is doing and such, and his parents tell her his is doing well and not to worry about him. This has not been a fun experience for her either.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween fun, golfed, Preston checkup

Last night was fun. Lillie and cousin Camden were running like mad to get as much candy as possible. Hansen was also going kind of nutty, Preston had a fun time, but stayed pretty mellow surrounded by the littles. Preston and Hansen did get to go around again with some friends, hope the neighbors did not mind if the boys showed up two time? Every house we went to would say to Lillie "you are the cutest kitty cat ever!", and Lillie would reply "Thanks, See you next Halloween, Bye!" and off she would run. A few of the neighbors really out did themselves. One neighbor has an old wooden Sailboat (probably 20+ feet-they are restoring it) that they pulled into their front yard. It was painted like a pirate ship with the skull flags flying and the pirate driving. Another neighbor had a fancy hunting camouflage suit on that made him totally disappear into the hedge near his front door, then he would reach out and totally scare the kids as they were knocking at his door. We just had the giant Pumpkin blow up and the haunted music from the garage. We got rid of a lot of candy. After we were done trick-or-treating (Maren stayed home to answer the door), the kids would fight over who would answer the door and give out candy. I think the trick-or-treaters liked Lillie the most as she would give each kid like 6 candies. Anyhow, we did get the kids in bed at a reasonable hours and they will be waking up soon.

Yesterday Maren's parents came over and watched Lillie as I went golfing-thanks John and Carol. They took Lillie to the Kent Station and walk around and ended up lunching at McDonalds- Lucky Lillie. The boys had a tough time getting home from school because once on the bus, Hansen realized he forgot his costume in his classroom. Preston called me on a cell phone, I instructed them to get off the bus, go get the costume, and wait for me to pick them in the office (which was they were hoping for). After all that, they still got home only 10 minutes after they normally would. The bus is not the fasted mode of transportation, but it works just fine. I golfed at Elk Run and paired up with a couple of nice golfers. I played well, no records broken, but I was happy with the way I played. My score was 72 (par 71). Two birds, three bogs, the rest pars. My ball was flying farther than expected off my driver and middle irons, and my putts were missing to the right. I can handle that.

Before school Preston had his 11 year check up. The doc asked if we wanted to get him a flu shot. I had H and L with me, so I said I thought we all should get one. And we all did. I went first and said I did not even feel it. Preston and Lillie were arguing on who would go second. Preston went next, said he did not feel anything. Lillie went third, said she did not feel anything. Hansen was quite reluctant to go at all, he was last, he said he felt something! but it was not too bad. Afterwards Preston told me his really hurt and he thinks the nurse grinded and twisted the needle in his arm, but he played along to not scare the littles. Good job Preston.

Today the refrigerator repair man is scheduled to fix the refrigerator. I help in Hansen's class for an hour and a half, Lillie has preschool, and we don't have any after school plans so the kids can play outside after school.