Monday, October 15, 2007

good morning

First one up. Today was questionable because I almost decided not to get up. I knew I was awake, just did not want to get out of bed. Anyhow, I got up. A couple of years ago I would have gotten up, then put on my reflective vest and gone running in the dark. I enjoyed being in better shape, but running in the dark was not really any fun.

Tomorrow the repair man from Sears is scheduled to come and fix our dishwasher. It has been down for about two weeks. At first it made a ticking noise and took a long time to work. Then it seemed to get better, then it just deiced not to work at all. It is only like 6 years old and was the best one available back then, so it seems worth fixing. We thought about replacing it and also buying a new Refrigerator as our old fridge is the one we bought with the house and the ice/water maker does not work, and it is big and ugly. All our appliances are now stainless steel, except the big yellow fridge. We deiced to drive to Tacoma to the the Sears outlet store and look at dishwashers. They did not have any dishwashers, but they did have fridges. We found a great deal. A Kenmore Elite, stainless look, counter depth (we really wanted this feature as the old fridge stuck out into the walkway), with pure filter and ice and water. It has scratched up handles, a few dents on the sides, and no kick plate or manual...but it was the manager's special and for sale at 70% off MSRP. Yes, we bought it for like $830.00, and it was originally $2800.00...we never in a million years would have spent $2800 for a fridge, but someone did, it ended up scratched or dropped or we have a very nice fridge and I don't mind the handle scratches. The counter depth thing makes a huge difference in our house, I could see it being money wasted in other houses.

Maren just came down stairs. She was like "isn't it horrible waking up first?", and I was like "dude, it sucks so much to wake up first, I don't know how you did it!" Well, off for the day. Today is a easy day, I only have to get the kids up and bathed and off to school, then hang out with Lillie for a couple of hours before her gymnastics class, then Hansen has Taekwondo later in the evening. I finished painting the down stairs over the weekend, so it is onto the stairway, but I may wait awhile. I don't really like tall ladders.

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