Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kid's costumes, dollar store

Good Morning, it is DARK outside. One more week until daylight savings ends and we won't have to wake in the middle of the night. Just eat dinner in the dark. Super short days suck.

I forgot to mention what the kids are dressing up as for Halloween (thanks Amber) this year. Lillie is a cat. She has cat ears, a cat tail, black pants, black shirt (says "more GURR, less PURR" which is right for her) and her favorite part of all, painted on nose make up and whiskers. Hansen is a Bionicle. He has an outfit that has a Bionicle chest pad and shin guards, he has a fancy claw Bionicle hand, and a helmet. He does not wear the helmet often as it is too heavy and can't really see through it...does not mean he does not want to and it is not a problem point for everyone. And Preston is Naruto type character based on Rock Lee, he has a Leaf Village Head Band, and matching gray sweats. Kids that know the Naruto shows and games know what he is, the rest just think he has a cool head band.

Yesterday when Hansen was at Taekwondo, me and the others (Preston and Lillie) walked the strip mall to the dollar store to look around. The kids could hang there for hours if given a few dollars each. Preston goes for the food and 3 liter pops, Lillie changes her mind about 20 times as does Hansen. Yesterday they had their usual no money as we only had a few minutes to hang out. Lillie still enjoys touching everything and talking about what she will buy next time she get her allowance and stuff. One funny thing they had this time which I have not seen there in the past is music CDs. Like the ones you would buy from TV infomercials. I bought the kids a CD called Classic Party Music, it has songs like Electric Slide, the Chicken Dance, YMCA, Play that Funky Music, and Hokey Pokey. I also bought one for me with 10 Classic Rock songs on it, but the kids thought we bought it for Maren which is just fine because it is called "Now that's what Mom calls Classic Rock!", with a picture of a 40ish woman with old style headphones singing to herself on the cover. No wonder they were never able to sell this CD, what is crazier is there is seems to be a whole series of "Now that's what Mom calls (fill in the blank) Oldies, or dance music, it is just wacky...but the Classic Rock one for just a dollar worked for me.

Today Lillie has her Halloween Party at Preschool. I just have to remember to send her to school in her cat costume. Preston has a make up class of gymnastic from when he was sick, and I think that is about it...I will check the calendar later. I need to start painting the walls around the stairway and entry, but I think I will go hit range balls and tweak the swing weights on my golf clubs instead, then go buy paint supplies so I am ready to paint.

See you tomorrow.

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